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It's been mostly good news for Fox lately, with the exception -- of course -- of the recent cancellation of their promising sci-fi series Almost Human. While the futuristic drama won't be going forward, the network is looking to expand on its plans for Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow, as the second season will reportedly have more episodes than the first.

EW reports that Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow will consist of "at least 15 episodes" for its second season. That's (at least) two more episodes than the original 13-episode season. Fox was quick to pick the supernatural drama up for a second season last fall, announcing their renewal plans just a few weeks after its initial debut. So it's not entirely surprising that they would want to expand the second season beyond the length of the first either.

Set in the modern day, with flashbacks to the 18th century, the first season of Sleepy Hollow pulled legendary Colonial Army solider Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) out of his own time and into ours, where he ended up partnered with Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), a Sleepy Hollow resident and FBI agent who finds herself helping Crane in his fight against the headless Horseman and the other dark occurances within the town.

EW says the additional episodes will give Sleepy Hollow producers a bit more wiggle room to tell an ambitious story, centered on a war theme, according to executive producer Mark Goffman. More episodes can be a double-edged sword. Of course fans will want more. More is better than less, right? Well, not always. More is better if the content is good. As EW notes, Fox has been taking the cable model approach with their series more and more, advocating for fewer episodes and shorter seasons. The benefit of that is that the writers don't have to dig to find ways to stretch out the story to cover 22 episodes. For a Fox example, the fact that 24: Live Another Day isn't bound to the 24-episode format of the original series could mean a better paced series for this followup, as the writers can focus on the central arc and not try to figure out ways to keep the momentum building for months and months. So, I'm a fan of less if it means better.

While it's good news that we'll be seeing a bit more Sleepy Hollow in Season 2, the "at least" part that's mentioned before "15 episodes" will hopefully provide everyone (network and writers) with a bit more flexibility on the exact length of the season, which may be more firmly decided once they get going with production. As EW points out, in addition to the mention about a war theme, The West Wing's Timothy Busfield has been brought on board to play Benjamin Franklin in the second season.

Fox will presumably get Sleepy Hollow back on the air this fall, but we'll know for sure once they announce their 2014-2015 lineup.

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