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Some Good News And More Cancellations: No Ordinary Family, Off The Map And Others

While there’s good news for ABC’s Body of Proof, fans of some of ABC’s other dramas and comedies will be disappointed with the latest list of cancellations. There’s also bad news for NBC’s Thursday night comedy Outsourced.

I still maintain that Body of Proof is a terrible name for a series, but apparently people like the drama. I haven’t seen it but I do think Dana Delany’s pretty great, so that could explain the new series early success. ABC’s bringing it back for a second season. ABC also renewed new relationship comedy Happy Endings for Season 2. That’s about the only bit of good news we have to share with you here. The rest is one giant obituary for some of ABC’s other series, and we’re throwing in NBC’s Outsourced into the mix as part of our attempt to rip the bandage off quickly.

Per Deadline the jungle medical drama series Off the Map has been cancelled, as has No Ordinary Family. I gave OTM a few episodes but it lost me after that. I did stick with No Ordinary Family all the way through to the end of Season 1 and I’m truly disappointed that the drama, which starred Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz, has been cancelled. If the series had a fault, it was that it took a little too long to get going after the promising season premiere. Things didn’t really start to develop until around the halfway point in the season, which may have been too late to build any real ratings momentum.

As far as comedies go, ABC cancelled Better With You. The most I can say about that is that I hope ABC puts The Middle back next to Modern Family where it belongs. BWY was a cute comedy but I thought it interrupted the comedic flow wedged between The Middle and Modern Family. Perhaps the series would’ve done better on some other night (or channel).

ABC’s Mr. Sunshine and NBC’s Outsourced were also cancelled. The former, I thought was already cancelled so I’d be lying if I feigned surprise or disappointment. The latter, I wasn’t able to get into, despite watching more than a few episodes and hoping to be charmed by the group of Indian customer service/sales representatives and the American manager attempting to fit in among them. It never happened.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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