Watch These Drunk Dudes Watch The First 10 Minutes Of Up For The First Time

Everyone who has seen Up knows how heartbreaking the first ten minutes are. Fortunately, not everyone in the world has seen Up yet; so, some geniuses gathered together some dudes who missed out, fed them alcohol and taped their reactions. Naturally, the end result is priceless. Take a look…

The first ten minutes of Up is the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever watched in a movie theater. It makes The Fault In Our Stars look like Clue. It took every ounce of my strength not to devolve into a blubbering mess inside the screening. A few tears even escaped out of my eyes too. There was just no fighting it, probably because I’m a decent human being with a soul.

The dudes in this video, put together by Buzzfeed, know what I’m talking about now too. Honestly, you don’t even need the sound on to figure out the exact moments these poor guys realize this touching little love story/ montage might not end quite as happily as we would hope.

Yup. That’s the drunk face of sudden onset sadness. This poor man was hit with the creeping rush of dread. He knows terrible news is ahead, and he almost can’t bear to watch it. He’s grown fond of the old couple. He wants them to have babies, but that doctor obviously isn’t delivering good news.

You can check a portion of the first ten minutes of Up without any drunks involved here…

What a beautiful movie. Pixar has done a lot of great things during its history. The studio deserves every last piece of praise it has ever gotten, but for my money, they’ve never created anything more beautiful than the opening of Up. It’s perfect in every single way, whether you’re a child or an adult, a man or a woman, drunk or sober.

Mack Rawden
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