FX’s Justified started as a show with modest intentions. An unconventional law officer is forced to return to the swath of Kentucky he once claimed as home to bring down the area's most corrupt criminals. Its formula has always been one of bang-up action and complex narratives, but at its heart Justified has become a show about lawman Raylan Givens and outlaw Boyd Crowder. Now, with the sixth and final season hitting the schedule, a showdown between Givens and Crowder not only seems likely, it seems inevitable.

Boyd vs. Raylan

Raylan and Boyd’s antagonistic relationship has been years in the making. The two men were friends when they worked in the mines as young men. Later, their relationship became more antagonistic, as Raylan made his choice to stay on one side of the law and Boyd took the opposite approach to life. Still, the two men are often and unexpectedly connected. They’ve fallen for the same woman (Ava Crowder) and occasionally united over common causes. They share the same father figure in Arlo and heritage in Harlan. And with the final 13 episodes set to air, these threads should unite for an epic standoff. Check out our list of the greatest moments between Raylan and Boyd leading into Season 6.

drew thompson
6. The Showdown At The High School
Part of Raylan and Boyd’s relationship is seeing the two men try to outwit one another. During the Season 4 episode “Decoy”, both Raylan and Boyd were searching for the mysterious Drew Thompson, who turned out to be the local lawman Boyd had put in office. Eventually, Raylan catches Thompson and decides to help him to get out of dodge, only to have Boyd figure out the plan, thanks to a deep knowledge of what backroads and exit plan Raylan Givens might put together. There’s a showdown at the high school and Boyd almost bites the dust, but Raylan capably helps him out of the bind, allowing him to live to take him down another day.

Best Quote: Boyd Crowder on Raylan, “We dug coal together.”

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