Sons Of Anarchy Rundown: Season 5, Episode 11 - To Thine Own Self

My apologies, Sons watchers, for not being able to catch last night’s episode until a few minutes ago. As such, I can’t splooge out my normal recap of the night’s spectacular events. And boy was this one a whopper. Picture me as an old man on a back porch saying this. Since I can’t contain all my aggression from the recent viewing, I’m going to throw my normal random set of thoughts out there. Comment with your thoughts, and more importantly, have a happy Thanksgiving, and blessed times to you and yours.

Stuff That Fell Off the Back of the Bike

I know that having Donal Logue’s character beating the shit out of Otto isn’t like having Donal Logue beat the shit out of Kurt Sutter as a stand-in for FX for cancelling Terriers while allowing Sons of Anarchy to thrive, but didn’t it cross your mind?

Donal Logue and Jimmy Smits need a scene together. Or a show. Called Terriers. Sorry. I rarely got to publicly oppose that decision.

I had sort of lost hope for a Clay vs. Nero fist-off, but Gemma isn’t allowing this dream to die. Thank you, Gemma. Making out with Nero inside the house while Clay has probably got his gigantic peepers flaring probably isn’t the most subtle way to do things, but at this point, I’m foaming at the mouth for somebody to beat Clay’s face in. He took a bullet and had a breathing tube. That doesn’t equal an ass stomping.

Jax, don’t be such a douche to the only lawyer on TV that will help you.

Is it just me, or does Jax never sweat? His hair stayed in place for an amazing amount of time in this episode. Face creams should take out ad space on his face.

Now that everyone knows everything about everyone, seemingly, can they all get together and make Shrek’s Flop Sweat the fulltime nickname for Phil?

I hate driving, so Tig going over to Clay’s house just to have their conversation would have been such a piss-off to me. Does Clay think he can really trust Tig at this point? Did you pick that earring just for Tig, Clay? DID YOU?

Old-school station wagons are America’s next best dune buggies. That was such an ill-conceived, but fucking fun scene to watch. Jax screaming out in jubilance before asking if anyone had died was classic Jax, or any male.

Interesting to watch Tara and Unser have a scene together, and that puking was involved. I’m surprised he wasn’t toking up in an iron lung. “I know my stage four charm is magnetic…”

Lin is the perfect looking head of a faction who can lean forward with his fingers interlocked, lost in pleased contemplation, because he really just looks like a dedicated gambler.

Wouldn’t someone clean Otto off? Why is jail so gross? (tosses hair aside)

Absolute love for Nero going full hardcore macho, and then later full hardcore regretting the shit out of that decision.

Nothing wrong with a unanimous table vote for a better life, especially if it’s punctuated in the middle by Clay’s chuckle of admission.

Juice, you would ruin the patent for a randomly automated blowjob machine. If the two things you have to choose from are “screw the vent in improperly” or “fucking screw the fucking vent in properly,” then you don’t have much of a decision to make.

If I don’t find out why these documents are so important before I die of my vocal cords ripping while I choke back all the hollering I want to do, then I’ll be a very displeased person. Whose child isn’t whose? That’s all it can be. THAT’S ALL IT CAN BE!

“You still love me, Tiggy?” See you next week.

Check out the preview for next week's episode here.

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