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As usual, we’re convinced that the behind-the-scenes parlor games on the set of Grey’s Anatomy are more exciting than the actual series. Late Wednesday, word came down from Mark Malkin over at E! Online that actor T.R. Knight would not be returning for the sixth season of the ABC soap opera. (Feign surprise!) As fans no doubt remember, Mr. Knight’s character, George O’Malley, was last seen flat-lining on an operating table after a dalliance with a city bus left him unrecognizable and severely injured; and Mr. Knight himself all but begged off the series throughout the last year because he was unhappy with the direction the show had taken with his character (by which we mean, the show totally ignored his character.) But! Before you go off to write a fauxbituary for George, TV Guide reports that Grey’s Anatomy insiders say the E! story is “total bs” and that no changes have been made to Mr. Knight’s season six status. So, what's the story here?

Happily for T.R., we think he’ll end up getting his wish. If we know Shonda Rhimes, you can pretty much disregard almost anything she says about her beloved series. The Grey’s Anatomy creator might be the most disingenuous showrunner working today—she famously said that Katherine Heigl’s character, Izzie, wouldn’t get a brain tumor during the last season, until, lo and behold, Izzie wound up with a brain tumor (in Ms. Rhimes own special brand of twisted logic, the brain tumor was brought upon by a serious bout of skin cancer, so perhaps it didn’t really count). Why would she treat the story about Mr. Knight any differently?

That being said, we do believe one bit of her rumor squashing (we said you almost couldn’t believe anything she says): Ms. Rhimes categorically denied that she would use George’s facial injuries as an opportunity to recast the character with another actor, calling it a “hilarious, ridiculous rumor.” And that sounds about right—even for Grey’s a twist like that would be far-fetched. On second thought, considering this is a show that featured many instances of ghost sex during the last season, maybe we’re giving her too much credit.