Spartacus Gods Of The Arena Preview: Episode 5 - Reckoning

There are only two episodes left of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, and we have the preview video for next Friday's episode. We also have some valuable life-lessons learned from last night's episode to share with you.

What did we learn from last night’s episode of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena?

Lesson #1: Don’t invite Tullius to your party

If Tullius shows up at your house during a party, turn off the lights, request that those in the orgy room silence their moaning and hope that he’ll leave. Keep this man off the guest list. Where Tullius goes, drama follows (and not the good kind).

In the case of last night, he made a big show of "beating up" Gannicus and then later, killed Gaia as a message to Lucretia and Batiatus. Not cool.

Lesson #2: If you die in the house of Batiatus, you may not get a funeral.

We got a glimpse of this in Blood and Sand and saw it again last night. Non-arena murders that take place in the House of Batiatus may result in receiving an unceremonious funeral. If you’re Gaia, you’ll get a peck from Lucretia before two men toss you over the cliff. RIP Gaia.

As sad as I was to see Gaia go, am I alone in feeling a warped sense of glee at the use of the cliff? The cliff! To me, the cliff is another character on the show, sitting quietly in the background, just waiting to swallow someone up.

Lesson #3: Don’t have sex with your best friend’s wife (or your husband’s best friend).

It seems as though Gannicus and Melitta aren’t able to put their forced public thrusting behind them and it’s already driving wedges between Gannicus and Oenomaus, and Melitta and Oenomaus. Oenomaus thinks Gannicus is distant because he’s Doctore now and no longer a “brother” gladiator. He has no idea that the lost eye contact and banter is due to a forced affair that’s led to some real feelings.

The feelings aren't entirely on Gannicus’ end either, nor do they appear to be completely guilt-based. We saw Melitta flashing back to her night with Gannicus when she and Oenomaus were making love. That, added to the kiss they shared and I’m thinking this is going to blow up fast. Since there’s only two episodes left, that’s to be expected. Still, I’m sad for all three of them as I can’t see this ending well at all.

Below is the preview for next week’s episode. If you watched Blood and Sand, then you already know that extending the family line was an issue for Lucretia and Batiatus in the future. It seems that’s to be addressed next Friday night.

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