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Spike Lee is back in New Orleans today, beginning work on a sequel to his Emmy-winning documentary series When the Levees Broke for HBO. While the sequel doesn't yet have a name, it's intention is to shine a light on the region five years after the devastation of Hurrican Katrina, and I'd imagine the right name will present itself as he films.

It's easy enough for those of us who don't live in or around New Orleans to have kind of moved on with our lives, but it's not nearly so simple for them. The city is still decimated and struggling in so many places. The response, as it was when the hurricane first hit, has been severely lacking in certain ways.

At the same time, the community spirit and the rebuilding that has been taking place is inspiring and touching. I'm hopeful that Lee will showcase both the positive sides of the human spirit that have gone into the region in the intervening five years, as well as the serious disappointments the citizens have faced.

HBO is anticipating the project to be complete -- and titled -- for a summer 2010 release, according to

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