Stephen Amell Wants To See Green Lantern On Arrow

Now that Arrow is a viable hit over at the CW, series lead Stephen Amell aka Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow has become a prominent part of the DC Comics Universe. The actor recently headed to Fan Expo Canada where he talked about the elements of The Justice League present in Arrow, and the hopes he has for bringing DC Comics character Green Lantern onto the series.

According to Comic Book Resources, if there is one Justice League character Amell would like to see on Arrow moving forward, it’s Green Lantern. Apparently, for a really long time Amell’s answer would have been Ra’s al Ghul, but if you’ve been keeping tabs on Arrow’s upcoming third season, you already know that character has been written into Season 3 and will appear as the big baddie when Arrow returns to the schedule this fall.

Instead, Amell quickly pulled together a different answer and gave us the idea of Green Lantern to chew on.

"Now, boy we've referenced Ferris Air a lot. It would be really cool to have Green Lantern. Hopefully, that happens. I have no inside information, unless I do."

He’s right when noting the references to Ferris Air. The show has incorporated elements and mentions of the aerospace and airplane industry company since Season 1, when a plan was revealed via the island plotline showing that missile systems were brought in to target a Ferris Air commercial airline flight. It's mentions like these that should keep DC fans interested, even when the connection with Hal Jordan may fly over the heads of viewers who picked up the TV series, first.

Unfortunately, Amell isn’t a writer or producer on Arrow, and the latter half of his statement makes it pretty clear that Green Lantern is not going to be in the cards in a week or even a month. On the bright side, the last time Amell wanted a character on the series (remember, Ra’s al Ghul?), Matt Nable was signed on to take on the role. Maybe if fans clamor for it enough, Green Lantern could find his way into DC’s TV universe, as well. Stranger things have happened.

On the bright side, Arrow should have plenty of new villains, characters and guest stars to keep fans busy. Besides Ra's al Ghul, the show has signed on Matt Ward to play villain and archer Sam Lacroix, otherwise known as Komodo. Additonally, DC's Manhunter is also set to appear in the new season, played by Medium star David Cubitt and Brandon Routh has signed on for a 14-episode arc playing new character Ray Palmer. There's plenty to look forward to on Arrow.

Arrow is currently gearing up to premiere its third season. New episodes will begin airing on the CW on Wednesday, October 8 at 8 p.m. ET. If you are interested in other fall premieres, you can check out our full list here.

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