The “Take That, CBS!” Choice: Craig Ferguson
If extraterrestrials come to Earth in the future to sum up humanity’s history, how much room do you think “Late Night Talk Show Wars” would get in the write-up? Craig Ferguson has been the host of The Late Late Show since 2005 – the same year Colbert’s spinoff started – and it would have been gracious and smart for CBS to promote the cheery Scot. But they didn’t, and his contract expires at the end of the year, which has spawned rumors on all sides of the spectrum. Ferguson hasn’t shown any animosity, welcoming Colbert to the CBS team, and joking about taking over The Colbert Report in 2015. So why not make that a reality? He has always been far sillier and good-natured than CBS has ever been known to be, and Comedy Central is the perfect place to ramp that zany humor up a few notches.

Admittedly, Ferguson might need to find a gimmick to latch on to. Interviews with Jon Hamm about his dating show video are fun, but I think the host is primed for meatier material.

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