Nothing from the books this week, though the whole quest to find the Lumen never took this turn. So it looks like the Sotheby’s auction might have been replaced after all.

You would have thought that if Fonescu had “an apartment above his place of business,” that the team would have researched what the name of his business was. Town Hall and the Hall Of Records must still be open, or easily accessible through the chaos.

Dubstep vampires? I knew there was a reason I loved this show, besides the intriguing drama.

Eph and Palmer’s confrontation tonight was pretty damned amazing. This show excels at one-on-one confrontation, as well as enhancing side characters from the book. The enrichment of Eldritch Palmer is astounding.

Also, a lot of credit goes to Jonathan Hyde, proving why he’s still one of the best character actors on the scene.

Oh Fet… your one liners make me feel right at home, man.

If the rich knew what was in store, particularly in the prologue to The Night Eternal, they’d probably cough up that 1% more readily than they would while oblivious to the truth.

I have a really nagging feeling that Ferraldo is going to meet an untimely end at some point, possibly at the end of this season or during the next. Palmer is in a vulnerable position right now that he’d strike out in such a way.

Reading Assignment: Nothing this week.

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