Strong Women Are Coming To Fargo's Dark And Deadly Second Season

Even though we’re still upwards of eight months away from the Season 2 debut of FX’s Emmy-winning anthology drama Fargo, that doesn’t mean we can’t let our curiosities run amok concerning where this prequelized season will take viewers. Personally, I’m shooting for dinosaurs and robots, but the latest updates from show creator Noah Hawley have nothing to do with either of those. As you’ll hear in the video below, he says that Season 2 is about “strong women.”

Speaking with TVLine on the Emmy’s red carpet this past Monday, Hawley obviously couldn’t drop any major plotline spoilers or anything, but knowing that the season will put its focus on empowered females is pretty darned encouraging, y’know. After all, the first season featured an excellent breakout performance from Allison Tolman, who sadly lost out on the Supporting Actress in a Miniseries Emmy to American Horror Story’s Kathy Bates.


And who can forget Frances McDormand’s Marge Gunderson, arguably the greatest female character the Coen brothers have ever put to film?


Hawley and his writing team obviously have a lot of work to do if they want to craft any number of women characters as strong as those two, but their efforts will definitely be worth it. All we really know about Fargo’s Season 2 is that it’s set in 1979 and will focus on a 33-year-old Lou Solverson, the father of Tolman’s character Molly, as played by Keith Carradine in the first season. A Vietnam War vet, Lou will be coping with home life in to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where the darkness seems to have followed him. And make no mistake, this season will be dark.

Speaking with Zap2It on the same red carpet, Hawley reiterated the previously revealed fact that this season will also look to the Coens’ intense 1990 mafia drama Miller’s Crossing, even more so than the Fargo film. Veteran TV exec and Fargo executive producer Warren Littlefield followed that up by saying, “1979 was a cruel, cold winter…Many perish.” Anybody who’s watched even a single episode of Fargo know that the bodies drop quicker than the snow, but it’s still an exciting prospect. I like a series where survival is never a certainty, especially in a one-off anthologized season like this.

So will Lou’s wife be one of those strong women? Her death played a big role in both Lou and Molly’s life in the first season, so it’s to be expected. But who else will there be? Stay out of the wood chipper and maybe we’ll find out in the coming months.

Nick Venable
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