We’ve almost hit that wonderful time of year when most network programs wrap up their seasons, often ending on explosive or poignant notes. ABC’s sophomore comedy, Suburgatory, is no exception and with the finale airing tonight, creator Emily Kapnek has plenty to say about the Season 2 ender, which also happens to be her directorial debut. If you want to avoid any Season 2 spoilers, please quit reading, right now.

Suburgatory has taken a turn for the serious over the past several weeks. George and Dallas are seriously up for moving in together, Tessa broke up with her boyfriend, and Dahlia has gone from a weirdo to a much more angry and vindictive character. This isn’t the first time Suburgatory has hit some of these notes. In the past, plotlines involving Tessa’s mother have also been serious. However, in an interview with THR, Kapnek relates that things might not be positive and comedic by the end of Season 2 for Tessa.
"She has a lot of reason to feel – at the end of the season – frustrated and angry at Chatswin and herself for getting sucked in and doing stuff she thought she wouldn't do."

ABC has not officially announced Suburgatory will be getting a third season, but Kapnek says the finale will leave things open for a future for the characters.
"There are a lot of great changes set for season three. It’s my favorite way to go out, with a great stir of the pot so that there are all these wonderful, complicated story lines to come back to."

While it sounds like Season 2 may leave fans with plenty of questions, at least it seems like Kapnek has confidence concerning the show's renewal. We’ll keep you updated on whether ABC decides to cancel or renew Suburgatory, but in the meantime, you can catch the finale tonight at 8 p.m. ET or read through our list of ABC finale dates.

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