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As the Super Bowl approaches, football fans around the country are getting revved up for the big game. Last year the event reportedly drew in 141 million viewers. It’s safe to say that not all of them were football fans. Let’s face it; the Super Bowl is about so much more than just a football game. For those of us who don’t give a hoot about football, it’s all about the commercials.

Variety reported that this year’s Super Bowl will only air two movie trailers. This is a pretty big change from last year when eight movie ads were aired during the top-rated broadcast. The trailers that will be aired this Sunday are for the movies Pride (Bernie Mac, Terrence Howard) and Disney’s Wild Hogs (John Travolta, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence).

We will get to see more movie trailers on Super Bowl Sunday but the others will only air during the pre-game show. TV.com listed Norbit (which looks like nothing more than a series of tired fat jokes) and Ghost Rider as the two films that will be promoted during the pre-game show.

Variety also reported that the trend for movie advertising during the Super Bowl started with the trailer for Independence Day in 1996. Since then many movie trailers have been promoted during the big game. This year however, rather than pushing movies, studios will be promoting TV shows, including ‘Heroes,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and ‘American Idol’ (as if any of those shows aren’t getting high enough ratings already).

And on a related note, in addition to oodles ads for TV shows, snack foods and beer, this year Revlon will throw their hat in the ring with an ad for Colorist, the brand’s new hair color. This is kind of a big deal since the ad will be targeting women. It makes sense though as a good percentage of women do tune in to the Super Bowl each year. The commercial will feature Sheryl Crow.