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Syfy’s 2012 is looking to increase its reality based programming. Not only did the network renew Hollywood Treasure for six episodes and Haunted Collector for twelve, Syfy also has a new reality show on the horizon. Like Hollywood Treasure, the equally vaguely titled Dream Machines is an unscripted program that has been picked up for six episodes. All three shows are expected to air during that arduous period populated by reruns on most networks in the second quarter of 2012.

Syfy’s newest series will follow brothers Marc and Shannon Parker as they rework TV vehicles for real-world application to sell to celebrities and collectors. According to Zap2It , the Florida-based brothers will take on projects that include The Dark Knight's Bat Pod and Tron's Light Cycle. Since the vehicles will be street legit, or at least drivable, it will theoretically be possible we could one day see a Light Cycle in person. God, I hope whoever buys that thing also commissions a glow-in-the-dark suit to match.

With only the knowledge of Dream Machine's title to go on, I was skeptical, but after hearing a little more about the plot, the show actually seems like a pleasant little science fiction machines show. According to Senior Vice President of Alternative Planning, Tim Krubsack, the Parker brothers won’t simply be subjected to movie vehicle rehashings. They will also be able to use their imaginations to come up with some wild, never-before-seen inventions. Unlike Hollywood Treasures, they’ve hit the Syfy niche pretty clearly on the head with Dream Machines. Regardless of what Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen has taught us, perhaps there is room for reality in science fiction TV, after all.