T.R. Knight Done With Grey's Anatomy... Officially

The question of whether T.R. Knight will resume his role as George in Grey’s Anatomy when the series resumes this fall has been left unanswered for quite a while. Rumors that Knight wanted out of his contract have been circulating for months and that, added to George’s life hanging in the balance as of the recent season’s finale seemed to indicate that Knight might actually be done with the show. Today, it’s been confirmed that Knight has been granted an early exit from his contract with Grey’s.

According to Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello, his sources revealed that T.R. Knight’s wish to be released from his contract has been granted. This development was as recent as the last couple of days. Ausiello speculates that Knight’s departure from the show confirms that George probably doesn’t survive the bus accident that served as part of the big cliffhanger from last season’s finale. As for the rumors suggesting that George might return and be played by another actor (explained away by some extreme plastic surgery), series creator Shondar Rhimes says that’s “hilarious, ridiculous.”

I have to agree with her there, though "ridiculous" is definitely a word we could use to describe some of the things that have taken place on this show over the last few seasons, so I'm not sure I'd put it passed the writers to try to pull the old switcheroo on us. Hopefully that wont be the case. If Knight is gone, George is dead. That seems to be the most obvious conclusion to that little story arc. Recasting him would be silly, especially considering how little a role he played in the recent season. If they really did want to fill his shoes, all they’d need to do is bring in another surgeon and prop him up in the background somewhere.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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