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TV Recap: American Idol – Girls Night - Material Girls

So I have to say, the guys night wasn’t bad. But I have high hopes for the girls tonight for 80s night. I think the 80s were a better time for female pop singers with Madonna & Whitney Houston dominating the chart for the better part of the decade, so tonight should be fun. Not that the women tonight have to sing songs by ladies, but I think after Chikeze did the gender change thing last night, maybe sticking to their own sex would be a good move. Also, here’s hoping Simon will sneak something under his breath like he did last night. So here’s how tonight’s show went:

Asia’h Epperson - She was a roller skating extra in a movie (was it Goldmember?) and she slammed into something. She sings “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” She is so focused on getting down the stairs of the set that her first notes are really shaky, and not every note is hitting 100%. I think her voice is a little too smoky for this song, and by the end of it, she’s not strong enough to have a big finish. Randy admits he recorded the song with Whitney, and he thought it was hot, Paula thinks she pulled off and nailed it, and Simon is not is as enthusiastic, and that she’s a second rate impersonator. It was not even close to being her best performance, but it should be enough for her to avoid the cut.

Katy Malloy - I picked her to go home last week, and she finished in the bottom three, so we’ll have to see if she headed her tonight. Luckily for me she doesn’t disappoint. Her most embarrassing moment is when she accidentally trashed an entire stage after a terrible performance. She sings “Who Wants To Live Forever,” and it’s a little too throaty for me. Also, if you’re on the brink of elimination, why would you try and tackle Freddie Mercury? She’s hitting notes that are a little too low, but her second chorus is pretty much on the money. Randy calls it’s a pretty good job, Paula thought it was her best performance (wow, Paula is right for once!) and Simon says better than last week but he’s got issues with her robot performances. Simon thinks she’s in trouble, and I have to agree. While Paula was right about it being her best performance, when compared to the others tonight, it’s clear she’s not ready for the next round.

Amanda Overmeyer - She is wearing no make-up and a head rag for her embarrassing moment interview. I’m so distracted by her look that I don’t even pay attention to her story. She looks like a different person. She unfortunately doesn’t sound like a different person when she tackles “I Hate Myself For Loving You.” Each week her voice gets more and more scratchy. The rock screamer thing may work in a bar but it’s not working for me tonight. Randy says she sings like she really is, Paula says she found her niche, and Simon says it was fantastic. I personally didn’t get it tonight and thought it was her worst performance is far, but the judges’ panel goes bananas over it, so I guess I don’t know crap. It looks like she’s flying into the next round, but for me, I thought she just squeaked by.

Carly Smithson - Her embarrassing moment was when she got stuck outside a bar. I like that almost every story Carly has told so far involve drinking and tattoos. She sings “I Drove All Night.” This by far is the best performance of the night. This is the most comfortable she’s looked on the show, and the she took a synth-laden, cheese pop song and made a nice modern version of it. I know she’s the one with professional experience, but she totally set the new bar for the girls (and even the guys). Randy says it’s another great performance, Paula called her dependable and she can’t even describe how good it is, and Simon didn’t like the song choice (which is completely insane) because she’s a million times better than the song. I always liked the Lauper version (the Celine cover Simon references is ridiculous), but this one was awesome. Carly not only cruises into the next round, but she’s probably headed into the Top 5.

Kristy Lee Cook Her embarrassing moment is that she used to pretend she was a dog. I know some people who are into that, but that’s another story. She sings “Faithfully” in what looks like a kimono when she's shown her from the waist up. Now this is a terrible song choice! She is really straining to hit the notes, and at one point is that she sounds like she’s screaming. Randy calls it a great song (only because he played with Journey) and thought it could be a country single, Paula agrees it could be a hit, and Simon says she’s too forgettable. I won’t forget this performance, but that’s because it’s going to be the one that sends her home. Simon thinks she’ll make the top ten, but I don’t think she’ll be so lucky.

Ramiele Malubay - Her embarrassing moment was when she left a left a photo of herself at a boy’s house and the boy’s mom laughed at it. She sings “Against All Odds.” Time now for one of my embarrassing moments: This is my favorite Phil Collins song. I really like what she’s doing with it. The arrangement is good, and she hits all the big notes without struggling, and knows when to be soft. Randy thinks she has to be more confident, Paula compliments her face by saying she’s beautiful (which is not usually good) but she does compliment her voice. Paula kinda loses her mind when she starts insulting the audience. Simon says it was good, but thought it was old-fashioned. But I liked enough to put her into the next round.

Brooke White - Her embarrassing moment was once as a little girl, she hugged a stranger instead of her dad. She sings “Love Is a Battlefield.” Why they decided to sing this song as a ballad is beyond me. She totally sucked all the attitude out of the song. The weird part is that she’s not doing a bad job with it, and if she did the song full on, no one would have noticed the few bad notes she did hit. I really have to blame the band on this one. Although I like that she isn’t playing her own guitar, but the sitting on the edge of the stage looked a little corny. Randy likes it even though she didn’t bring anything new to the song, Paula thinks it was beautiful, and Simon thought it was a good idea to not use the band, and he thought it was great. I thought doing this song acoustic was a terrible idea, and this arrangement should be lost forever.

Syesha Mercado - In 2nd grade, a boy told on her after she gave him a love note. She sings “Saving All My Love For You.” I love the way she’s looking into at the camera. She’s doing a great job with a hard song. If there’s going to be any criticism, it would be that it seems like she’s doing a copy of Whitney Houston; but at least it’s a good copy. She has a lot more confidence than Asia’h had with doing Whitney. Because the show is running long, the judges are reduced to giving one word, and most of them are just a bunch of “goods.” And when they do the montage at the end, it just enforces how good a job she did.

This was a weird week, because no one got a clear cut answer about who’s in trouble this week. Except for Simon, all the comments were over-positive. Now I know we expect that for Paula, but Randy was really no help this week. So all of the picks I have this week are on a purely gut feeling. Simon ends by saying the girls were not as good as the guys, but they had more negative things to say about the guys it seemed last night.

Top Three - Carly, Syesha, & Ramiele

See Ya - Kristy & Katy