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At this point in the Big Brother season, the houseguests need to start thinking about the jury and keeping in mind that the people who they evict will be the people who vote for the winner. So should they get to the final two, they want to be on good terms with as many people as possible. I don’t think April and Ollie were thinking about that when they did their good-bye messages to the evicted houseguest tonight.

Seriously, is getting to say “I told you so!” worth $500,000? Because if either of them make it to the final two, it’s likely that Libra will remember those departing words when deciding who she wants to vote for in the end. So yeah, Libra was evicted but we’ll get to that in a minute. (But) First, we’ll talk about the pre-eviction shenanigans. We got to see some of the fallout from Jerry’s ridiculous Veto speech, in which he called Dan “Judas.” Memphis, as we saw from his eye-roll during the speech, didn’t think that was cool. Dan’s reaction in the diary room was classic. He faked us out for a minute, pretending to be sad but then rejoiced. He gets that Jerry trying to make him out to be some evil person only makes him look like a victim to the rest of the house. So he’s been playing it up by keeping his cool, not getting defensive and acting remorseful for what happened with Jessie’s eviction. For the most part, it appears to be working though people still don’t seem to trust him.

Julie questioned Dan, Jerry and Memphis about the speech during tonight’s live show. Jerry’s response was to basically say that what he said about Dan being a Judas was partly heat of the moment but he meant it. Dan responded to questions about his faith, repeating what he said earlier in the season about going to confession once this game is through. His response to Jerry was good-natured, saying as a teacher he would like to give Jerry detention but since they’re not in school, all he can do is forgive him. Point to Dan for taking the high road (and not coming off too pompous doing it)! Memphis made some comments, which I think implied that Jerry didn’t totally get the whole Judas story, since Judas hung himself. He hopes Dan wont hang himself. I agree.

Ollie and April made a poorly-planned attempt to save Libra this week. I’m pretty sure this had more to do with April hating Keesha than it did in winning points with Libra. Regardless, it didn’t work. Libra approached Dan to see if he might vote Keesha out. Dan was non-committal and said he needed more information. Dan was smart to stick to the plan to boot Libra. Flipping the vote this week after doing it last week would’ve destroyed any shred of credibility he has with Memphis and Renny. Plus it’s not as though April and Ollie would’ve welcomed him into their alliance with open arms. They wanted to use him for his vote and if it served their purposes, they probably would’ve thrown him under the proverbial bus in a heartbeat.

Speaking of alliances though, Dan and Memphis have formed a twosome called the Renegades. They’re keeping a loose alliance with Keesha and Renny but both seemed to agree that they’d put each other above those two. It would’ve been nice to see some DR footage from either of them talking about this to see if they’re both really on board with it. Dan really has nothing to lose by locking down an alliance with Memphis but Memphis has a close relationship with Keesha that he might place above his newfound bond with Dan.

The voting was unanimous to evict Libra. Before that happened we saw a video of Libra’s family, all of whom are supportive of her choice to go on Big Brother, leaving her newborn twins in the care of her husband and mother. They also supported her choice to take the trip over the letter from home.

Libra didn’t get weepy or blubbery when she sat with Julie. She spoke well about her family and again about her choice to be in the game. The good-bye messages included Ollie and April basically telling her she’s paying for the choices she made. Way to win points with Juror #1, guys! The rest of the goodbye messages were all friendly and nice.

The HoH competition was an eliminator game in which the houseguests had to answer questions based on things previously evicted houseguests have said in the diary room. Stuff like Jessie’s comment about his naps and trivial things of that nature. Renny got the first question right and eliminated April. Dan got the next one and eliminated Jerry (ha!). Dan, Ollie and Memphis all got questions wrong and eliminated themselves. It came down to Renny and Keesha. Renny formed her final answer in the form of a question, which I thought was adorable and she ended up getting it right, earning her this week’s Head of Household position.

With Keesha whispering in Renny’s ear, there’s a good possibility that April and Ollie could go up but who knows? It should be interesting how she handles the power this week.
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