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Given the way Ronnie was playing the game, I doubt many Big Brother viewers were all that surprised to see him go tonight. That said, despite nearly the entire house being against him a couple of weeks ago, he almost managed to secure enough votes to stay. Almost. He came close but it was evident by his last-plea speech that he knew he was a goner.

Before we get to the live show, let’s talk about the filler. It looks as though Jeff and Jordan have finally gotten past the cuddly-flirty phase of their relationship and have moved on to actual kissing. Good for them and what’s even better is, now that Ronnie’s gone, they might actually be able to have some privacy. We saw a humorous clip featuring Jeff moving in for some smoochies with Jordan in the bedroom only to be interrupted when Ronnie showed up, farted and then insisted on talking game with them. That is the ultimate co—err… kiss-block if ever there was one.

To counterbalance the adorableness that is Jeff and Jordan, we were treated to a few snippets of a blowup between Russell, Michele and Chima. It started with Chima saying Michele was planning to backdoor Russell… or maybe it was Michele saying that was Chima’s plan. Either way, it resulted in Chima and Russell screaming at each other. From what I’m hearing on some of the feed sites, there’s a possibility that the fight was staged on Russell and Chima’s end and they really weren’t that mad at each other but if that’s the case, the producers didn’t want us to know it.

The rest of the filler consisted of the messages fans left for the Big Brother houseguests. Recorded messages were played over and over the other day and as it turned out, these recordings were going to be relevant to tonight’s Head of Household competition. More on that in a minute.

Just before the live portion of the episode, we learned that Jeff won the Coup d’etat power. No shock there. How can you not love Jeff? We saw Jeff learn about the power and when the show went live, Julie told the houseguests that the power had been granted and the winner could use it to take someone off the block and nominate someone else. As Jeff was of the people who wanted Ronnie gone, we knew it was unlikely that he’d use it and sure enough, he kept quiet. The rest of the house doesn’t know that Jeff has this power so it should be interesting to see how this week transpires.

Afterward, Julie interviewed Russell about his week as HoH. He talked about being loyal to everyone, which pretty much defines him as a floater. An aggressive floater, as opposed to Kevin and Lydia who are the weak, clinger-onner-type floaters but a floater none-the-less. Back in the living room, Lydia gave her vote-for-me speech while wearing a weird ninja-mask. The real moment came when Ronnie stood and, choking back tears, thanked everyone who helped him get on the show and all of that and then turned and told Michele she was the worst human being he ever had the misfortune of knowing and that he felt sorry for her. Classy. Way to go out like a winner, Ronnie. Of course, Ronnie knew he didn’t have the votes to stay and when the votes were in, Jordan, Jeff, Michele and Kevin voted to evict Ronnie. Jessie, Michele and Chima voted to evict Lydia.

The HoH competition was a true/false game with questions pertaining to the recordings played in the house the other day. At this point, I was honestly hoping Jeff would throw the competition. With his coup d’etat power, he doesn’t need the HoH this week and he’d be better off forgoing HoH tonight and making himself eligible to play for it next week. Whether or not he threw it, we don’t know. He seemed surprised when he got an answer wrong and was eliminated so it could’ve been a genuine loss. Regardless, he’s safe this week no matter what. Chima won the head of household and this means we’ll see whether or not her fight with Russell was genuine or just for show. If she really was mad at him, I’m thinking we’re going to see Russell fighting for the power of Veto. If it was a staged spat, she’ll probably target Lydia and maybe Kevin (since those two are joined at the hip) or Michele. If she goes after Russell, Jeff might step in and save him at the last minute. If she goes after Jeff and Jordan, again, Jeff can save himself and put someone like Jessie up, hoping there will be enough support to get him out over Jordan. Either way, it should be an interesting week.

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