What can Dick offer you? This is an actual question that Zach posed to Jessica while on a “date” with her this week in the Big Brother House. This is definitely a season to be watching the feeds. Over the last couple of weeks there have been so many alliance-switches that it’s hard to keep up! This week, two of the more dominant players in the ‘Big Brother’ house were up on the block and one of them had to go home. And the mysterious visitors who entered the Big Brother house turned out to be relevant to this week’s HoH competition, just as the houseguests suspected.

When Jessica and Zach had their date the other night, Zach told Jessica that it would be a smart idea to consider all options. As Head of Household, Jessica would be the one to cast the final vote, should there be a tie. He told her to consider what Dick could offer her if he stayed and also mentioned that Dick’s presence in the house fades the target on people like himself and Jessica.

Dustin made Eric’s job of getting him nominated much easier when he foolishly volunteered himself to go up on the block this week. Predictably, America also voted for Eric to get Dustin evicted. Once again, his task proved much easier than he could’ve anticipated. Jessica was open to considering the option, and after a bit of flip-flopping, she and Eric decided that making a deal with the Donatos might get them further in the game. Eric mentioned that he was letting the game play him. Turning on Dustin – the guy who helped keep him safe last week – was a bold move but the people spoke and in the end, he was able to convince Jessica that it was the right thing to do. In return for his safety, Dick offered Eric and Jessica his and Daniele’s support in the game.

Feed-watchers knew that deals had been set on the table but as of this evening, Jessica and Eric hadn’t talked to Jen and Zach about securing their vote to evict Dustin. The feeds went to trivia before we were able to figure out what was going to happen tonight, which made this week’s live episode even more suspenseful than usual. The producers knew this much, as they saved Jen and Zach’s votes for last. Before the commercial break, Eric (on behalf of America) and Daniele had both voted to evict Dustin. Jameka and Amber both voted to evict Dick. After the commercial break we learned that Eric and Jessica were successful in getting Jen and Zach on board with Operation: Evict Dustin. Neither of Jen nor Zach had anything to lose by booting Dustin so I suppose it shouldn’t have been surprising but you never really know in this game.

Last week, Julie Chen pulled a Ryan Seacrest when she revealed the votes. She said, “Eric – you are safe. Kail, you are evicted…” It’s possible that Dustin thought she might be doing that again this week when she said “Dustin…” because when she finished the sentence with, “…you are evicted from the Big Brother house” his jaw literally dropped. A shaken Dustin hugged Jameka, Amber and Jessica on his way out and headed to the studio for his post-eviction interview.

Dustin seemed on the verge of tears as he talked to Julie but he kept it together and even laughed a bit when Julie asked him how he thought Joe would be reacting to all of this. As he watched the good-bye messages, he frowned when he saw Eric’s; clearly knowing that Eric was behind his eviction. Julie asked him a bit about his decision to volunteer to be put up for nomination this week and though the shock was still setting in, Dustin was able to admit that it was obviously a foolish move but that he really thought he was safe.

Before the Head of Household competition we got to see clips of the little person who came into the house quoting proverbs. There was also a pirate on stilts, a barbershop quartet, a cage full of rabbits and a weird white statue-person. The houseguests all suspected that these surprise guests would play a part in an upcoming competition. The problem was, there were so many clues being thrown at them that it was difficult to know what to make of it all.

For the competition, the houseguests had to answer true or false to a bunch of questions pertaining to the hints given to them from the little circus show they got this week. Jameka still cant play for HoH due to the Veto comp last week and Jessica, as the out-going HoH, wasn’t eligible to play. Jen was the first to get one wrong and it was apparent by her reaction that she messed up on her true-false cylinder-thingy. Other houseguests answered wrong later and were eliminated. It came down to Amber and Daniele. Daniele got the final question correct and won this week’s Head of Household. She screamed and cheered but the celebration was only a fraction of what Jessica got last week. As Eric and Jessica cant let on that they’re happy about this, it was only Dick who seemed truly excited.

So now we’ll get to see whether or not Dick and Daniele will make good on their deal to look out for Eric and Jessica. They do have other options for nominations this week. Daniele and Dick tried to make amends with Jen but both have recently expressed a desire to see her go soon. Then of course, there’s Amber and Jameka, the two remaining members of the depleted Late Night Crew. As Jameka cant play for HoH for another couple of weeks, she’s not that much of a threat but Amber got very close to the prize this week and her bitterness over Dustin’s eviction is sure to get her fired up against Dick, Daniele and Eric.

Jessica is in a pretty good position. Without Dustin in the house to do their thinking for them, it seems somewhat unlikely to me that Jameka and Amber will suspect Jessica’s involvement in Dustin’s eviction. With Daniele as Head of Household, pretty much everyone other than Dick will be at risk of going up on the block.

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