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TV Recap: Entourage - Sorry, Harvey

In tonight’s episode of ‘Entourage’ titled, “Sorry, Harvey,” almost everyone had a mission. Drama had to find a girl for the mayor of Beverly Hills, Ari had to reclaim the script for M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie and Eric was on a mission to break the news to Harvey that they wouldn’t be selling him Medellin. I’m happy to report that everyone completed their missions – sort of. Drama ended up being the one to break the news to Harvey, Ari did manage to get the script but ended up spending the night in jail and Drama did find someone to go home with the mayor, though she turned out to be a he.

Ari and the Bag of Dildos

Ari drove to a cemetery to meet Shyamalan. Lloyd accused him of being afraid of Shyamalan but Ari denied this. While the Sixth Sense director may be soft-spoken, perhaps it’s the man’s success in the industry or the creepy nature of all of his films that puts Ari on edge. Either way, he meets with Shyamalan who gives him the script to his new movie (The Happening, maybe?) and makes him swear to read it and most importantly, not to lose it. Ari notices that his name is printed across each page of the script. If he were to lose it and it turned up on the internet, Shyamalan would know where the leak came from.

Ari and Mrs. Ari go to Morton’s for dinner with some friends. On their way home, Ari finds that his briefcase is gone. They check the trunk and find a bag full of dildos. After Mrs. Ari interrogates her husband briefly over the bag, Ari concludes that the valets must have given him the wrong car. They return to the restaurant but the other guy already drove off with Ari’s car. On the advice of the valet manager, they use the navigational system in the other car to find the guy’s house.

When they arrive, Ari tells the woman who answers the door that her husband drove the wrong car home from Morton’s. Just then, the guy drives up in Ari’s car. The woman starts screaming at her husband, asking him what he was doing at Morton’s. Eating steak would be my guess. She should be more concerned with what’s in the trunk of his car, anyway.

Ari gets the keys and goes. On his way home, he’s barely awake and flying down the road. He gets pulled over and ends up spending the night in jail. When he shows up at the office the next morning, he’s still wearing the suit he had on the night before and looks completely disheveled. Ari finds Shyamalan waiting in his office and is pleased to report that he read the whole script. Unfortunately, Shyamalan says he’s decided to change the whole third act and asks Ari to read the new version of the script right now. Whether its because he’s too exhausted to argue with him or because he is in fact afraid of the guy, Ari sits down and begins reading.

The Mayor’s Barbie is a Ken

In an effort to get annexed to Beverly Hills, Drama agrees to take the 90210 mayor out for the night. The mayor, who is a dorky looking man, tells Drama that he’s lonely since his wife left and would really like to sleep with a woman he didn’t have to pay for. Drama asks Vince to help him get the mayor laid. They head to an exclusive club and begin looking for the right girl. Drama finds a woman named Aneka who is quite beautiful and loves politics. The mayor and Aneka hit it off right away but a bouncer soon informs Drama that Aneka is in fact, a transvestite.

Drama musters up the courage to tell the mayor that his new lady is a tranny. When he does, the mayor is initially surprised but then decides that he doesn’t care because she’s beautiful and they’re really connecting. Drama asks about the annexation and the mayor smiles and says things are looking good.

At the end of the episode, Drama is celebrating the fact that he’ll soon be a resident of Beverly Hills when Turtle shows him a video on It’s the mayor and Aneka about to get into his car. As Aneka is climbing into the car, her goods are exposed, Britney Spears-style. Looks like the mayor might not be mayor for much longer. Sorry, Drama!

Sorry, Harvey

Eric has the unfortunate responsibility of breaking the news to Harvey that they won't be selling him Medellin. Early in the episode he was getting a shave when conversing about his mission on the phone with Ari. I was too distracted by the continuity error involving the shaving cream on Eric’s face to pay much attention to the actual conversation he was having. Did anyone notice the shaving cream getting thicker and then thinner whenever they cut back to Eric on the phone?

Anyway, Ari telling Eric that Harvey was a marine doesn’t help boost his confidence but he goes to meet Harvey for dinner anyway. While enjoying a ridiculously expensive bottle of wine, Harvey seems to be getting more and more agitated because of an old grudge he has with a guy eating at a nearby table. He’s waving the bread-knife around while going on about how angry he is at the guy and Eric decides to take Harvey to the club where Vince is and break the news to him there.

At the club, Vince sits with Harvey to help start the conversation about Medellin but then Harvey gets pissed off at the drink waiter. The waiter is insisting Harvey ordered a vodka and cranberry and Harvey demands that he admit that wasn’t the case. It was a ridiculous argument that causes Vince to get up and walk away. Eric tries to initiate the Medellin conversation again but Harvey is still yelling at the waiter. Eventually the bouncers come over and begin to physically escort Harvey (who is now threatening violence at the waiter) out of the club.

As the two large men are dragging Harvey out, Drama realizes this is the perfect time to break the news to him. He yells over to Harvey that they’re not selling him the movie and he’ll have to bid on it after Cannes like everyone else. This only served to infuriate Harvey even more but he couldn’t do anything about it because he was being pulled out of the club.

Let’s just hope that Medellin does well at Cannes, otherwise they’re going to wish they sold the movie to Harvey to begin with.

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