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In typical Fringe fashion, we had a few great episodes and then one really disappointing one. There was great potential. After all, Walter ran off with the Observer and Nina Sharp has been shot. Maybe I’m being too picky but when I’m promised answers, I expect them. Read on and decide if you learn everything you wanted to learn.

Nina was shot but she pulled through. Using the cameras from her building, Olivia and Charlie are able to figure out that David Jones was the one who shot her. Although, he wasn’t there to kill her. He stole something from her mechanical arm. She told them he was after a special energy cell that William Bell designed specifically for her. But why would Jones go after that if he was working for ZFT and Bell was running it? Exactly.

Nina explains that Jones has been disgruntled with Bell since he was fired 15 years ago. Bell was a father figure to Jones. He was a mentor but then, Jones was out and he’s been trying to prove himself to Bell ever since. I’m guessing that’s what all the pattern stuff is about. Since he hasn’t received any kind of validation, Jones has decided to just kill Bell. He has a long way to travel, though. According to Nina, Bell isn’t available because he’s in another dimension. Yup, you heard me right. Bell has figured out how to travel through realities and for whatever reason, he’s doing it.

Jones isn’t an idiot, though, and he made a machine to open the portal so he can get to Bell. Olivia and Charlie are chasing him based on failed attempts. It turns out there are “soft spots” that make it easier to cross dimensions. After two failed attempts, Olivia goes to past files to figure out where Jones will strike again. She makes a map of all the pattern related incidents and they all point to one spot.

Meanwhile, Walter has been walking down memory lane with the Observer. He’s trying to remember what he needs to find. He can’t remember anything from his past. He walks through a graveyard and then the Observer takes him to an old beach house. That’s how Peter finally finds him. Massive Dynamic’s cameras picked Walter up at a train station near the house and Peter remembered it was there. He went to bring Walter back but instead he found him frantically ripping the house apart. He talks to him for a minute about when they used to visit the beach together and suddenly Walter remembers.

He retrieves what he hid there and tells Peter that they have to stop the new dimension from opening. He explains that he and Bell theorized about other dimensions but could only cross over on LSD. Then, they found a way without hallucinogenics. He had only traveled through once before, to get something he lost, but now he must stop other people from doing just that. He heads to the lake where the oldest soft spot is located. Guess who’s there? Olivia and Charlie, of course. Oh, and Jones.

Jones finally opens the portal and starts to walk through. Olivia and company have already killed all his men and she is shouting at him to stop or she’ll shoot. Why she didn’t shoot as soon as she saw him, I don’t know. He makes it halfway through the portal when Peter uses the device Walter made to close it, effectively cutting Jones in half. I guess the whole season the Observer was trying to prepare Walter to stop Jones from crossing over? Either way, the threat seems to be over and the FBI is ordered to stop trying to find William Bell.

However, Nina did promise Olivia a meeting with him if she stopped Jones. She kept her word but when Olivia went to meet him, he never showed. On the way down in the elevator, though, something shifted and suddenly Olivia was somewhere else. You got it. She traveled through realities and in this new one, Bell was waiting for her. They meet and then it’s over. I guess we have to wait all summer before we find out anything about her and the drug that was used on her, or you know, anything else at all.

There was one very interesting thing to occur: the gravesite that Walter visited was Peter’s from when he was 7 years old. I guess what he lost he was able to retrieve from the other reality because Peter seems to be alive and kicking. So, instead of telling us anything, they give us another mystery. I guess they had to set something up for next season since I guess the pattern stuff is over. After all if Jones was behind it and now he’s gone…who knows. We’ll have to wait and see.