TV Recap: Greek - Brothers And Sisters

Greek is back and on tonight’s season premiere we got to see the aftermath of Spring Break. It’s Greek Week at Cyprus Rhodes, which means all of the sororities and fraternities were set to compete against each other in a bunch of Olympic-style competitions, some of which involve devouring a huge bowl of cheese doodles and racing on tricycles. And in between the fun and games, there was plenty of drama to go around.

Casey has a point. “Everyone does things they don’t plan to do, especially over Spring Break.” Unfortunately for Rebecca and the rest of ZBZ, her wet t-shirt shenanigans have made their way onto the internet and are being shared via cell phone. So Casey was naturally displeased by this as she knows the scandal will reflect poorly on ZBZ. During a sit-down with Rebecca and some of the other ZBZ sisters, Casey sternly told Rebecca to “Lay low and ride out the storm.” The very same words that Rebecca’s father used when reprimanding her for her actions. Casey even added “It’s for your own good.”

It’s kind of funny in a not funny way that Casey and Senator Logan have two things in common. Both are trying to manage their own unstable political careers and both are being completely insensitive to Rebecca’s feelings. Sure, Casey wasn’t involved in a high-price hooker scandal as Senator Logan was but she is trying to get re-elected as ZBZ president. The fact that she’s more concerned by how Rebecca’s actions will affect her just goes to show how far Casey has drifted from what really matters. Granted, she has enough reasons to dislike Rebecca but how can she not see that Rebecca need friends (sisters!) right now, not another crappy dad-figure telling her to lay low and stop creating more problems for her.

Telling Rebecca off wasn’t enough. Casey later tried to channel Rebecca’s powers for good by encouraging her to use her rage to take down the opposing team in a game of sorority tag football for Greek Week. While some obnoxious girl from another sorority was teasing Rebecca about the Spring Break video and her dad’s prostitute scandal, Casey was trying to get Rebecca to get pumped up so she could help them win the football game.

After learning that the ZBZ’s were going to vote to kick Rebecca out of the sorority, Cappie eventually reached out to Casey, reminding her that she’s Rebecca’s “sister” and that should mean something to her. Casey shook it off like it was a joke but Cappie clearly wasn’t kidding. Then Tegan (Charisma Carpenter! Yay!!) showed up on behalf of Nationals to talk to Casey about Nationals support to boot Rebecca, whom she described as that “adorable little stain on our good name.” As Casey had given some thought to what Cappie said, she decided that Rebecca should stay and she had to figure out how to make that happen and appease Nationals at the same time.

Casey went to talk to Rebecca and essentially said that she found a family when she joined ZBZ and that the family can include her. She didn’t say it in the most inviting way and Rebecca stormed out. Ashleigh chased after her and told her to quit the tough-girl act and that she needs to stop being a senator’s daughter and start being herself. Rebecca countered that being a senator’s daughter is the only reason ZBZ wanted her in the first place. Rebecca still wasn’t convinced but she later had a change of heart.

Rebecca approached Tegan later at the bar and started to grovel. Casey cut her off and told Tegan that Rebecca apologized and that should be enough. She then said if Rebecca goes, she goes. Some of the other sisters backed her up, showing what it really means to be a family. Tegan asked Casey if she’d stake her presidency on Rebecca staying in line and Casey agreed. So while I doubt this is the end of the Rebecca issue, it was nice to see Casey and Rebecca smiling at each other. Rebecca later told Cappie that “that whole cheesy sister bond thing” is stronger than she thought.

Rusty and Calvin say they’re Switzerland but let’s be honest. They’re not Switzerland. If anyone’s Switzerland, it’s Dale. Dale, who was even wearing a shirt that said “Common Ground” is going to be the glue that keeps Rusty and Calvin’s friendship together, I can just tell. Sweet, polite uberChristian Dale who almost said the word “ass” tonight but quickly changed it to “bottom” is determined to keep the Three Musketeers united. Tonight it was Dale who resolved a dispute that arose after the Kappa Tau’s and the Omega Chi’s blamed Rusty and Calvin for leaking the secret cheer both frats performed during Greek Week. The frats came down on them and this resulted in the start of an argument between Calvin and Rusty. Fortunately, Dale walked in just as they started bickering and it turned out, he was very familiar with the cheer in question.

Not only did Dale perform the cheer (including a hilarious hip-swerve), he also stated its history. According to Dale, the cheer was not made up by the younger sister of a Kappa Tau or an Omega Chi. It really came from a 1998 movie called Cheer it Forward, which Dale described as a “clean cut tale of nubile, lightly muscled young ladies engaging in a friendly competition in the world of high school cheerleading." So that settles that. And now we know that Dale’s a weirdo guy who watches high school cheerleading movies.

After clearing up the whole cheerleading thing with Cappie, Rusty told him he won’t let him choose who he’s friends with and that he thinks he’s letting his grudge with Evan affect how he treats his brothers. Cappie didn’t respond but it was clear he realized Rusty was right. Cappie later approached Calvin and told him he’s welcome at the KT house whenever he wants, including Grey’s Anatomy night (which can be quite exclusive!).

As for Frannie and Evan, well they’re definitely a thing. Since hooking up during Spring Break they’ve been getting together in secret. We even got to see a cute scene involving Evan putting on his cheerleader costume and Frannie suiting up for the football game. I know Frannie’s the enemy but it seems like she and Evan are actually happy together and I’m having a hard time hating her right now. Frannie wasn’t enthusiastic about telling Casey about her thing with Evan and in the end, she didn’t have to. After the Omega Chi’s and ZBZ’s won their Greek Week trophies, Evan planted a big ‘ole kiss on Frannie right in front of everyone. Casey did not look pleased. I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out next week.

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