TV Recap: Kid Nation - Deal With It

There was a lot going on in bonanza city this week. Drama, disorder, controversy and mutiny threatened the success of this little social experiment. But as always the little ones put their best feet forward and made things work.

This week on Kid Nation the council decided that Bonanza City needed to institute some laws and rules because it seemed that things just weren’t getting done. The curfew was decided because too many of the kids were staying out late and drinking at the saloon. It was really strange to see 10 year olds doing non-alcoholic Irish Car Bombs. In any event, It might have been hard for the council to tell their friends to go to bed but the decision they made seemed to benefit the rest of the town.

Speaking of benefits for the town, this week on the kids had the choice of 40 pizzas or a microwave and a barrel of cocoa as their special prize after winning the showdown. This was a big controversy with the council and the kids because the majority of the kids wanted the pizza. Why wouldn’t they? The little kids on the yellow team have been cooking for 10 days so they are starving and in need for some good food. It was a tough decision but the council decided to choose the most logical prize which was the microwave and cocoa. Some of the kids were a little upset by the decision but they would have gotten over it if Taylor wasn’t such a… little bossy girl.

The little beauty queen made things worse for the starving children by telling all the kids that they were just going to have to “Deal with it.” meaning the decision made by the council. She could have used different verbiage as to offend her peers but that’s not Taylor. She likes to bark orders and seems to think you have to be a…bossy little girl… to get things done. What makes it worse is that she doesn’t do anything except tell other people what to do which makes her extra annoying. Taylor was getting on my last nerve and I thought that if the kids didn’t confront her on her bossiness and laziness I was going to scream. My prayers were answered at the town meeting. The kids threatened to boot her off the council if she didn’t make some changes. A few tears were shed and Taylor promised change. It was heart warming... really.

Now onto my favorite part of the show the coveted Gold Star. This week the council had all the kids give some input in decided who was deserving of the prize. The choices were 15 year old Greg, 12 year old Morgan and soon to be 9-year-old Mallory. It was a hard decision and they decided to go with Mallory. I had to agree with the council’s wisdom when they chose her. She really does have a maturity and wisdom that is beyond her nine years, plus it was her birthday and she is cute. I am a sucker for a cutie. Of course Greg was a little bent, but in all honesty he shouldn’t have flipped out like he did earlier that week. I could blame it on hormones, but I think he over reacted a little. When it came to Morgan I didn’t really care that she didn’t get it. She may have been being discreet about her desire and effort for the star, but I think her eyes were definitely on the prize.

The kids had some ups and downs this week but they never cease to amaze me. They are smart and funny and doing awesome. I seriously can’t wait to watch them next week and see what other obstacles they can overcome. Kid Nation, Wednesday night on CBS