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TV Recap: Kid Nation Starved For Entertainment

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… or an entire town for that matter. This week on Kid Nation the show focused on the lack of anything to do, besides work, in Bonanza city. The kids were bored and were getting pretty desperate for something fun to do. To avoid mutiny the council had to come up with an idea fast…

Their brilliant solution was to have a talent show. The kids were very excited and did a really great job in their performances. We got to experience some comedy, a little Shakespeare, beautiful piano playing, and some damn good singing. My favorite performance by far was by Laurel at the town meeting. She blew me away! Her solo is what I would consider the feel good moment of the episode.

I thought that showing people that the arts and entertainment are a vital role in creating a healthy society was really important. I know these kids had realized this, but there are a lot of people in the world who would rather see the world as one big factory than a place that can be fun, beautiful and exciting. People need to see how boring life would be without a little Tila Tequila in our lives. So stop cutting those art programs!

Another really great aspect of this episode was not that Kennedy won the gold star and Divad didn’t (ha!), but was why she won it. The kids gave the gold star to Kennedy because she was herself. Kennedy is the type of girl that doesn’t fit into any kind of mold and doesn’t try to, which is refreshing. She is super nice, funny, crazy and doesn’t care about looking silly, my kind of kid! And how great was the phone call between her and her mother. I shed a tear or two.

Next week everything is going to be a little different in Bonanza when the kids are thrust into different groups. It should be fun… a little drama is always good. But I have a serious concern. I am a little scared for the kids. Did anyone else notice the crazy look on Divad’s face when she realized Kennedy won the gold star? Um… psycho! I think Kennedy and the rest of the winners should seriously consider getting some body guards. I wouldn’t want to see anyone get shanked at a town meeting.