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Cooper’s billionaire buddies drop by the Montecito for their annual poker game. Of course, we’re in on the joke because it’s his pals Rick and T.C. from Magnum P.I. They’re not playing those characters, but they have the same background. Larry (Larry Manetti) is a famous nightclub entrepreneur and Roger (Roger E. Mosley) owns a fleet of jets, but started with one helicopter. Sound familiar? It’s all very clever. Oh, and there’s another guy would couldn’t make it, Mike tells Danny. A British billionaire.

In return for scaring off one of Sam’s whales, Cooper agrees to fund her buy-in at the poker game with his buddies. She ends up losing Cooper’s money, $75K from Delinda, AND her precious expensive coin she inherited an episode or two ago. When everyone leaves, happy Cooper places the coin in his valuable-coin book. It’s the last one he needed. Oh, and may I just say that he and Sam have great chemistry. I’m so hoping something develops between these two.

Delinda hires a hot-shot pastry chef who’s also pregnant. But the girl turns out to be a royal pain in the ass, ignoring Delinda’s orders and making fabulous lemon bars that everyone loves except for Delinda. Well, until she tries them, that is. But she still hates her, so sends a plate of the bars to her ex-boyfriend who ends up hiring her. They deserve each other.

Mike’s involved with a girl who’s on the run from an abusive husband. He puts her up at the Montecito under an assumed name and arranges a frame-up on her husband. They duke it out in a junkyard and the cops arrive just as Mike throws a gun at loser-husband, who ends up doing two to five. Probably haven’t heard the last of this.

I’m a little bored with the Danny-Delinda storyline, but still loving Selleck as the new owner. Now let’s see a Cooper-Sam hookup!

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