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TV Recap: Life - Did You Feel That?

Holy earthquakes on this week’s Life, shaking up everything and then some. Arthur Tims, the first guy Reese and Crews arrested together, escaped from jail. All the police computers are down. Ted got a pencil stuck in his hand. And there was an awkward yet not unwelcome kiss.

Arthur Tims went to jail for shooting a ten year old boy to death. He wasn’t a huge threat before he went to jail. In fact, he was such a non-threat that when Crews got a call saying he escaped, he immediately thought they would have to save him from being killed by the boy’s father, who had been released just a year ago. Yup, Crews and Reese are off to save a killer before he gets himself killed.

They aren’t wrong about the Dad wanting to kill Tims either. He, of course, lies at first and says he didn’t know Tims was out but when Reese and Crews find a gun in the back of his pants, they arrest him before he can do anything stupid. Reese hands the dad over to another officer who responded to the back up call and she and Crews are about to head out to find Tims when the dad starts screaming to them from the back of the squad car. Before they can figure out what he’s saying, the cop in the driver’s seat shoots him in the head. Guess he was saying something like, “It’s Tims. It’s Tims.” Maybe he’s more of a threat than they thought.

But how did Tims know where the dad lived? Pretty easy to figure that one out. He heard the call for back up because he had already stolen a squad car. But how did he know that Crews and Reese would go see the dad? Yup. Remember that phone call. Turns out the Department of Corrections didn’t even know Tims and two of his friends escaped until way after that phone call happened. Tims had picked up a few tricks from prison. He even sent Crews a basket of fruit with a card that read, “Thanks for making me the man I am today.” Oh yeah, he’s decidedly more creepy this time around.

Without any leads, they turn to the only two people who know anything about Tims, his ex-wife and his ex-cell mate. Both of whom tell them to kill Tims. This guy just picks up friends wherever he goes. The ex-wife gives them a list of about 50 names of old friends of Tims and the ex-cell mate tells them that Tims always talked about the getaway. He said that the reason escapees failed was because they only planned the escape. The first order of business would be to run all the names through the database but since the earthquake knocked out all police computers, Crews and Reese would have to track these guys down the old fashioned way, or sort of. One guy used to be a driver so what would be a better getaway person than a driver? When they speak to the wife, she tells them that the driver, Chip, is now working for an armored car company. This getaway is sounding even better.

They track down the company and sure enough, when Crews and Reese enter, they see all the employees tied up and gagged. Crews is able to tackle Tims when he walks back in the room only to hear a woman scream from the loading dock. Yup, Tims’ good friend Chip is standing with a gun pointed to a poor woman’s head and Crews is forced to let Tims go. They drive off and since he had Crews and Reese shoot up their car, he’s off into the sunset. Almost. All armored cars have GPS signals so the woman, who is the manager of the armored car company, tries to pull a trace on the car. No luck. Chip must have disabled the system. Just then, Chip’s personal distress signal starts chirping. Maybe Tims isn’t such a good person to partner with.

Crews and Reese follow the signal and they go in with the only back-up available, Tidwell and Stark. Chip is shot to death and the other person, perhaps Tims, is burned beyond recognition. While the four of them are discussing what happened, a phone starts ringing. It’s coming from a nearby car and Stark goes to answer it. Before he actually can, Crews yells at him to stop. Tense. Everyone freezes and true to form, Crews was right to stop him. The car was booby trapped so when some one opened the door, a string would pull the trigger of a gun set to shoot directly into ten gallons of gas. Stark tries to bring his hand back out of the car but his watch is caught on the string. Who do you think is going to save his former partner? Crews, of course. But Tidwell stops him and tells him and Reese to stand back since he’s the commanding officer. Hold your breath, they all might die…and I might give up TV for life. Yeah right. Tidwell cuts Stark free and the two of them stay to wait for CSI to come in.

Crews and Reese, meanwhile, take off to the person who sent them to die. The manager. After a clever plea for help from her, Tims tells Crews and Reese to come in the house, where they see her children and her being held captive. Turns out that Tims and his partners had taken over the house earlier that day when they escaped and have been pulling the strings ever since. Don’t they know the good guy always wins? For as smart and wily as Tims has become, he still leaves ammunition for Crews and Reese. Tims’ partner is holding the dad at gunpoint so no one will shoot but once Crews and Reese tell him that the other escapee was killed, the partner starts getting a little weary of Tims. That’s exactly when Crews and Reese attack. Crews shoots Tims and Reese shoots the partner. And I can breathe again. Because even though I know the good guy always wins, it doesn’t always mean the bad guy doesn’t get away.

So Tims is dead and Crews is carless once again. All may be right with the world, except for poor Ted, who I did tell you had a pencil stuck in his hand. Don’t worry too much about him, though. He called the one person he’s been dying to call, Olivia, the still soon-to-be wife of Crews’ dad. She pulls out the pencil and he, after drinking large amounts of alcohol, tells her how much he cares for her. So sweet. They kiss and who knows where that will go but hopefully since we know Ted and not Crews’ dad, he’ll win.

Oh, one last thing. That awkward kiss wasn’t between Olivia and Ted. No, theirs was sweet and a long time coming. The kiss between Tidwell and Reese, on the other hand, was sudden and fabulous and left them both saying, “What,” while walking away. Funny.