TV Recap: Lost - The Man From Tallahassee

So, finally, ABC's action-adventure show 'Lost' addresses a mystery worth revealing: the circumstances that lead to John Locke getting into his wheelchair before he landed on the mysterious island. Was the revelation as big as it should have been? Read on...

'Lost' brought another action-packed episode this week, even if we only focused on a few of the main castaways. The last episode ended with Kate, Sayid, Locke and Danielle staring in shock at Jack playing football joyously with the Others. This week, we pick up right there. Danielle disappears in the brush, but Sayid, Kate and Locke decide to wait until nightfall to meet up with Jack. Locke points out that he always does things for a reason, so there must be a good reason why he's buddy-buddy with the Others. He suggests that they offer to take him back, but if he wants to stay, he can stay.

However, things get botched up pretty quickly. Kate is first to sneak into Jack's little bungalow, where she finds him playing piano. He reminds her that he didn't want her to come, but soon after they meet, some of the Others hold her hostage, and bring Sayid in as well. Kate lies and says it was just the two of them, so she and Sayid are imprisoned separately. Locke, of course, is in the Barracks, at Ben's house. He has snuck into Ben's bedroom, and they begin yet another head-to-head, reminiscent of last season. Ben, who's now in a wheelchair, is willing to give up Jack's location, but Locke says he's only looking for the submarine he's heard about.

Ben and Locke start calmly arguing with each other, and things get to a point where Ben's daughter, Alex, arrives and Locke takes her hostage. As they hide from Tom, who's appeared in Ben's bedroom, Locke hears that Kate is locked up at Tom's house. Also, Ben requests that 'the man from Tallahassee' be brought to him. Though Locke wonders who this is, he gets no answer. He orders Alex to get Sayid's pack, the one with the dynamite. She leaves, and Ben soon figures out what Locke's plan is: blow up the sub. He tries to convince John not to do so, but Locke stays firm.

Meanwhile, Kate is visited by Jack, while locked up. After some talk, he reveals that he's made a deal with Ben: he and Juliet are to leave the island within the hour. He doesn't reveal what else the deal included, but that he will get help for the rest of the castaways when he can. Kate is obviously very sad he's leaving, and also figures out that Jack saw her and Sawyer getting down and dirty in the cages. We also see Sayid, who's handcuffed outside in the Barracks. Alex arrives for the pack, and Sayid tells her that she looks just like her mother. Alex believes that she's dead, but Sayid tells her, in no uncertain terms, she's very much alive.

Locke and Ben continue to bicker about the submarine, and Ben starts pushing him about the feeling of a wheelchair. He reveals that he not only knows that Locke spent four years in a wheelchair, but how he got into it. There's some back-and-forth about how it felt to both get paralyzed and un-paralyzed. Eventually, pushed to his last chance, Ben bargains that he can show Locke some magical secrets, including a box that will allow a person to imagine anything in the world, that can appear in the box. It sounds unlikely, but you never know.

Meanwhile, in Locke's flashback, we see that he's on disability for being depressed at the various events of his life, and spends most of his time alone in his apartment. He's visited one day by a young man who wants to know why he would give one of his kidneys to a man who's dating this young man's mother. It's revealed that the young man's mom is dating Anthony Cooper, also known as Locke's con-artist dad. Locke doesn't want to get involved, but finds himself needing to. He finds Anthony and tells him to stay away from the woman before she gets hurt, but Locke is then visited by government agents who reveal that the young man is dead. Locke then storms into Anthony's apartment, accusing him of murder. Though Anthony denies it, when Locke decides to see if the story is true by calling the man's mother, Anthony pushes Locke out of the window of his apartment, sending him flying down eight stories! So, that's how he got paralyzed. Yikes.

Meanwhile, since Locke's still set on blowing up the sub, he and Alex go to where it's docked. When Alex leads him there, we see that Danielle has been spying on her tearfully. Locke descends into the sub, though we don't see him set up the explosives. After he gets out, we see Jack, Juliet and a few of the Others walking to the sub. The Others hold him at gunpoint, but then the sub explodes! Big shocker there. Suffice to say, Jack is not thrilled with this.

Locke ends up handcuffed in a new facility, when Dr. Alpert (from Juliet's flashback) and Ben show up. Locke realizes that Ben wanted him to blow the sub up so Jack couldn't leave. Ben decides to show him something, something that apparently came out of the magic box. Ben tells Locke he wants to help him, and then we see the final shot: the something that came out of the box is a very badly beaten up Anthony Cooper!

Well, that was a great episode of 'Lost.' Can the show keep up this momentum? Find out next week!