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TV Recap: The Office - Crime Aid

Ok, Office writers, now you’re just torturing us with this Jim and Pam stuff! Sure, it’s to be expected that with Pam off in New York, making new friends, working at a new job and studying art, she’s bound to start enjoying her independence but all the same, I can’t say that I’m enjoying seeing Jim feeling insecure about it! At least Michael and Holly are having an easier time with the whole office-relationship thing.

“I’m not that guy. We are not that couple.”

Pam gets a job working at Dunder-Mifflin corporate to help pay the bills while she’s living in New York. With a new job comes new friends. She spends a night on the town with some people and accidentally pocket-dials Jim’s work phone at 3 in the morning. He listens to a very long recording of Pam joking around and being drunk. Jim finds this adorable, announcing to the camera that that’s the future mother of his children.

He’s fine with it until he bumps into Roy at Poor Richards later on. After being assured that Roy isn’t planning on hitting him, the two have a chat and Jim brings up his engagement to Pam. Roy plays it cool but when Jim talks about Pam being out all night with her friends, Roy makes a comment about it that puts doubts in Jim’s mind. So much so that he gets in his car and starts driving to New York. When he sees the exit for the city he realizes he’s being foolish and makes a U-turn to head back to Scranton. He’s not that guy. Yes, we know he’s not that guy but this was a close one.

“Some of what we order depends on if we’re having sex after.”

The above quote comes from Michael when he and Holly are trying to decide what they might get to eat on their mall food-court date. The fact that Holly is just as eager to ingest a hot dog while her date enjoys a plate of fast-food teriyaki chicken just goes to show how perfect she is for Michael. The two don’t make it to the mall though as Holly tricks the camera people into following them outside only to drag Michael back inside to enjoy some alone without the cameras. They leave their mics on though and Michael’s clearly confused about how to turn the volume down, which results in him turning it up full blast. That must have been a treat for the crew.

On a side-note, I need to add once again that I’m loving the interaction with the cameras this season. Between Jim blocking the camera guy from entering Pam’s room earlier this season, Michael yelling at Phyllis for talking to the cameras instead of working on the party last week and tonight’s microphone error, it’s great to see the writers throwing in those little reminders that these people are being filmed.

Anyway, Michael’s romp-session with Holly must have clouded his mind because he forgets to lock the office door on the way out and the Dunder-Mifflin office is burglarized later that night. “So much for sex without consequences.” Incidentally, it was confirmed that Michael did in fact “get” Holly… twice. A fact that she is just as proud of as he is.

“We’ll auction off people, like in the olden days!” (cut to Stanley looking sour)

Michael decides to throw a benefit auction in the warehouse to raise money to recover what was lost to the burglary. After all, Oscar’s laptop was stolen, as was Kevin’s surge protector. He’s now prone to surges. Not good. Phyllis suggests they auction off stuff they can do for each other, that way the prizes won’t cost them anything more than some time. Michael throws in that there might be some Bruce Springsteen concert tickets up for auction, implying that he actually has the tickets. He gives Darryl a list of his favorite Springsteen songs to play during the auction. Darryl tells the camera later that three of the songs were Huey Lewis and the News, one was “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman and another was “Short People,” which I’m pretty sure is Randy Newman.

David Wallace shows up to join in the auction and donates a weekend stay at his vacation house. Also among the items is a drink with Darryl (and his “Boys in the hood” as Michael describes it). Jim wins that one before Michael has the opportunity to bid. No one wants Kevin’s offer to do their taxes. As for Creed, he offers himself, “all inclusive.” Knowing Creed, he means just that.

Michael claims that the Springsteen tickets were stolen but he later tries to admit to Holly that he never had them. She doesn’t let him continue, knowing what he’s going to say. Instead they share a kiss that doesn’t go unnoticed by David Wallace. Judging by Wallace’s tense reaction, I’m guessing it’s going to be an issue that Michael’s dating an HR person.

Phyllis’ offer of a hug turns out to be the big-ticket item at the event, going for $1000, to her husband Bob Vance (Vance Refridgeration).

“Angela’s not really a risk taker and Andy’s not really a risk.”

Angela and Andy have set a date for their wedding. Angela is strangely agreeable to the plans and even agrees to Andy’s plan to move to Disney’s Celebration Village in Florida. Is that really a place? Is it weird that I kind of want to go live there, myself? Dwight is miserable and there’s only one person he can turn to: Phyllis. Phyllis sees Dwight’s anguish and knowing what she knows about Dwight and Angela’s past (and current) relationship, she offers some advice. Dwight’s reluctant about discussing the whole thing with Phyllis but he has no one else so he shares a Grey’s Anatomy moment with her in the elevator to talk about his problems.

Angela is completely unresponsive to Dwight’s attempts to get her back nor does she respond to his ultimatum. For whatever the reason, Angela’s set on moving forward with the wedding and moving on from Dwight. It’s only when Dwight starts to bid on Phyllis’ hug during the auction (upping Bob Vance’s bid by one penny numerous times) that Angela seems to react. She doesn’t do anything but her confusion over it is noticeable. She seemed less concerned when Andy placed a bid, afterwards explaining to her that he needs a hug. So Dwight doesn’t really make any major progress with Angela but her reaction to the hug-bids is something, right?

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