TV Recap: Psych - Gus Walks Into a Bank

Summer’s over and the saddest part about that is this week was the summer season finale of Psych, one of the most underappreciated shows on TV. Seriously, who else has a bank robbery committed by a non-bank robber and a hostage who isn’t really a hostage?

So Gus walks into the bank while Shawn sits in the car outside, refusing to venture into this particular bank because they turned him down for a small business loan a while back. Gus only has a minute or so inside before another customer sees a gun in a man’s pocket and screams gun. Just as quickly as that Gus is now a hostage. Shawn, upon finding out the bank is being robbed, completely freaks out and vows to save Gus.

But it isn’t as easy as it usually is for Shawn to work his way onto a case. Turns out SWAT has been called in and their lead is not too pleased with a civilian trying to tell him what to do. This older gentleman actually makes Shawn stand behind the police barricades. I mean, doesn’t he read the paper? How does this guy not know that Shawn solves every important case that comes into SBPD? So old SWAT guy is on the phone with the robber, Phil, and says they have to bring in food because one of the hostages is diabetic. Of course, Phil sees the guy delivering the pizza is a cop and he stops it. It can only be a regular person from behind the barricade. And now it’s Shawn’s turn.

He gets taken into the bank and immediately sees Phil has the safety turned on. Yup, he’s not a real bank robber. After some very effective whining, Phil takes Shawn to the bathroom and Shawn is able to speak to him privately. He uses his “psychic ability” to detect that Phil isn’t really a bank robber and Phil breaks down right there. He says his wife has been kidnapped and the only way she would be returned alive is if Phil went to the bank at exactly this time on this day and stole a safety deposit box full of diamonds. So now Shawn is on the case of the missing housewife and SWAT has no idea what he’s doing.

After piecing together some more information gathered from the desk of the bank manager, Shawn knows the woman is being held in a foreclosed house. Oh yeah, he totally knows the bank manager is in on it because, first of all, he went up to Phil when he entered the bank and he put his hands up before the gun was even pulled. Amateur. Shawn can totally crack harder cases than that. So Shawn talks Phil into letting him out to save the wife and straighten everything out with the police. Only problem is SWAT guy won’t listen to a word he says. Good thing Lassie and Jules know he’s always right.

The three of them go to the foreclosed house and sure enough, the wife is there bound and gagged. But the second perp ran out of the house before they could catch him. It’s okay. Gus is on the trail inside the bank and can get the other one. Back inside the bank, Phil grabs the bank manager and takes him to an office. Once inside, he asks where his wife is but the manager plays it cool. Just then, Phil is whacked in the head by some one. Gus hears this from outside the door after he sneakily snuck over. It doesn’t matter because SWAT guy doesn’t give anyone a chance for anything. He busts into the bank tear gas flowing and takes everyone out.

And, of course, just then Shawn, Jules and Lassie pull up to explain what really happened. Stupid old SWAT guy.

Everything’s wrapped up nicely and Jules comes by to give Shawn the shoes Gus lost in the bank. But she looks especially nice tonight and she was supposed to be on a date. Yup, she was dating the SWAT guy, which made Shawn jealous the entire episode. But he also said he just wanted her to be happy. Then he sent the guy into the sewer to find the last real robber and he still can’t get the sewer smell off so I guess foxy little Shawn wins again. Jules knows she likes him more anyway. They walk off to enjoy a ballpark on the boardwalk and hopefully, for the sake of all of us, something will happen during the six month hiatus. Something. Anything? Please?