TV Recap: Psych - Murder?...Anyone?...Anyone?...Bueller?

I have never been more convinced that Shawn Spencer and I are soul mates. It doesn’t even matter to me that he’s a fictional character. Anyone who can reference teen angst mastermind John Hughes as many times as he did in last night’s Psych is my future husband. I suppose I’ll take James Roday since he’s an actual person, but only if he’s as well versed in 80’s heartthrob as his character. The only thing missing was a cameo by Duckie (Jon Cryer, Pretty in Pink) or Ferris (Matthew Broderick, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off).

There were plenty of other high school clichés wandering around Gus and Shawn’s 13 year high school reunion. You read right, it was their 13 year reunion because apparently the extravaganza took Gus, otherwise known as “most likely to succeed”, 13 years to plan. There were jocks and prom queens and Shawn’s high school love, Abigail, who he stood up on the one date she said yes to. And, of course, Shawn’s parents showed up. If you’re wondering what’s going on with those two, you’re out of luck because you still don’t know where they really stand. So Shawn and Abigail are looking for chairs and catching up when they almost kiss. They’re interrupted by this pesky little murder. Stupid murder.

Shawn’s convinced he saw some one fly off the roof of the building but when he goes to investigate with Gus and Abigail, there’s no body. And as everyone keeps saying, “No body, no crime.” Even Lassiter, who is there with the class crazy, keeps up this motto. Shawn persists, though, and discovers a twisted little secret about everyone’s favorite quarterback, Howie. Isn’t that always the way. Seems way back when, three days before graduation to be exact, he was in a car accident with his then girlfriend, now his wife, and the guy who idolized him, Peter. They were drinking and accidentally killed some one. Peter took the fall to protect his friend but because of it, his life became nothing. Howie, though, went on to great things and was now running for State Assembly. Peter couldn’t take it anymore and confronted the two he thought were his friends. He showed up at the reunion even though Howie told him not to and so they killed him to keep Howie’s chances in tact. It seriously is always the extremes who do this sort of thing, the king or the complete crazy. Actually the class crazy who Lassie was on a date with turned out to be a drug fiend so she was arrested, too. So the reunion closes with the sweetest moment in Psych history.

While Shawn is revealing what happened, he thanks Gus for being the best friend possible and thus proving Gus lived up to his expected greatness. Oh yeah, and he said Gus is the reason he is able to solve all these crimes. So true. Gus is the only character I can think of who is a sidekick but is also just as important and funny as the lead. So Gus is smiling and Abigail is gazing up at Shawn. This time Shawn and Abigail really do kiss, after a glance at Jules who Shawn called to help with the case, but then Abigail walks away…say what? It was a confusing little second where I couldn’t tell if they were kidding about seeing each other later or not. Then it was over. Agh.

Oh, be sure to check out this week’s “Psych Out.” So funny I almost fell off my chair. I heart Dule and Roday (I only say it like that cause it rhymes).