TV Recap: Psych - There Might Be Blood

Who do you know who could solve a few murders and still find time to bring together two bickering sisters? Yup, only Shawn and Gus. And that’s exactly what they did in this week’s episode of Psych.

A guy was accidentally knocked off an oil rig. Or was it an accident? Chief Vick received an anonymous tip that there was something unsafe on the rig about a week before the “accident.” So she and Shawn and Gus take a little trip to the rig. At least, they attempt to but they are rudely interrupted by the commander of the Coast Guard. Of course, the commander is none other is Chief Vick’s big sister and it’s obvious from the get go that they aren’t exactly the closest of siblings. They argue over jurisdiction since the guy was killed in the water and eventually, the older Vick wins.

She does enlist Shawn and Gus to help her only to tell them to stay behind and do nothing. Ha. She definitely doesn’t know our boys. They trick the owner of the rig, who is a huge chauvinist by the way, and his daughter into giving them a ride by telling them they are looking to invest. But the owner isn’t quite so gullible and Shawn comes clean about being a psychic when confronted. Turns out the owner wants to know what happened just as much as Shawn and Gus. So they’re on the rig and Shawn figures out that the guy who was killed was the anonymous tipster.

Back on land, they tell Chief Vick about what they learned and she, ever so slyly, tells them to check out the guy’s house. They snoop through the house and find emails from some one else claiming to know something’s wrong with the rig. The email also says this person will go to the authorities. Guess our boys were wrong and dead guy isn’t our tipster. I know, but it happens sometimes. While they speculate about the emails, Gus uses his super sniffer to follow an onion like smell. He and Shawn follow his nose to the closet where they discover…another dead body. I don’t know how anyone’s still alive in Santa Barbara. This dead guy is actually the missing person Lassie and Jules have been looking for who was a geological consultant on the rig. So Shawn and Gus call in Vick and the team, and Vick’s sister.

So everyone is going out to the rig to figure out what the new dead guy was talking about. Shawn and Gus sneak into the geologists’ office and find out the oil rig isn’t where they say they are. Instead of drilling in a safe location, they’re on top of a fault line. When Shawn goes to tell Vick and her sister, he’s stopped by the owner’s daughter. She seems so sweet but, surprise, surprise, she pulls a gun on Shawn and Gus. So now we know who okayed the fault line drilling and who subsequently killed the first dead guy. The whole thing ends in a shoot out below deck on the oil rig. And while bullets are flying, Shawn walks straight up to the daughter and tries to talk to her. And it actually worked. I guess the whole overbearing father angle he used was right on the money. She handed Shawn her gun and Lassie tackled her to the ground. All is well and another case solved. Pretty standard by now but of course the witty remarks and faces always up the funny.

I did save the best part for last. It was love at first sight for Lassie and Vick’s sister. Kind of creepy, actually, but hilarious. In the end, Vick’s sister even asked her what she thought about Lassie. Shivers literally went down my spine. She asked him on a date, or she ordered him to go to lunch with her and he followed her like a happy little puppy. Seriously hilarious.