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TV Review: The Naked Archaeologist

If you’re a history buff or a person who loves to learn the various truths and non-truths about what archeologists have discovered pertaining to the bible, you should definitely be watching ‘The Naked Archaeologist’ on the History Channel. The series is shot on location in The Middle East and exposes various findings in biblical archeology.

In each episode, the show’s creator and host, Simcha Jacobovici looks at a different aspect of the bible then heads to various places to see what’s been dug up (sometimes literally) on the subject. He looks at artwork, interviews historians and locals and generally leaves no stone unturned in his quest to examine the truth behind the story.

One of the episodes of ‘The Naked Archaeologist’ that I was able to watch centered on John The Baptist. Jacobovici visited a cave that was believed to be the site where John baptized people, looked at various paintings depicting John and spoke with locals and historians about the history of prophet. He even talks a little bit about the different religious sects that consider John to be the most important prophet, out-ranking Christ himself.

In other episodes, Jacobovici questions such subjects Jezebel, Mount Sinai and King David. He looks at the subject he’s studying from a historical and archaeological point of view. This is what could make the series difficult for devout Christians to enjoy. If you’re not one to question the validity of the Bible, I wouldn’t recommend watching this show. I’m a Catholic who is generally willing to question many aspects of the Bible and even I felt uncomfortable considering some of the theories that Jacobovici poses. I wouldn’t say this makes the show any less interesting, just that people might not be comfortable considering his ideas.

What really works for the show is Jacobivici’s charismatic nature. He comes across as very friendly and inviting which definitely helps makes learning historical views on the Bible a lot more interesting and entertaining than one might think.

I would definitely recommend ‘The Naked Archaeologist’ to people who are interested in considering alternate ideas on the truths and myths of the Bible.

‘The Naked Archaeologist’ airs Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. on the History Channel

Kelly West
Kelly West

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