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The governor of the state of New Jersey has officially decided that the filming of the reality series Jersey Shore in the state does not benefit it in such a way as to earn the tax break it was in line to receive as part of an economic development initiative. I am hard pressed to think of any way in which Jersey Shore benefits anyone other than its stars, least of all to the tune of $420,000 – the amount of the tax break initially expected to be given to the show’s producers.

$420,000 just to film Jersey Shore in New Jersey? Did they need an initiative to film the show in its namesake state? It’s no wonder the planned tax break brought out the protestors, including a New Jersey State Senator and an Italian American activist group who don’t think the show portrays Italian Americans in a very good light. No kidding. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie responded to the protest today with his veto of the tax break:

”In this difficult fiscal climate, the taxpayers of New Jersey should not be forced to subsidize projects such as JerseyShore

Thankfully, neither the taxpayers of New Jersey nor the rest of the world are forced to watch it, either.

At any rate, it looks like Snooki and the gang will have to continue to pay their taxes like the rest of us, assuming they actually do that at the moment. I’m sure it will be a huge financial blow to them. Unfortunately for the Italian American protestors, the cast of Jersey Shore will keep right on making them look bad on national television. At least the state of New Jersey won’t be paying them to do it.

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