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MTV’s Teen Mom 2 has never been a show without its fair share of drama. The series follows the stories of a handful of girls who made their reality debuts on 16 and Pregnant, and it shows their struggles as they become young adults. Former teen mom Jenelle Evans has been the most unpredictable character of Teen Mom 2 as she’s gone from marriages to splits to arrests. According to Evans in a recent tweet, however, MTV hasn’t always been entirely fair in how she is portrayed on screen, and she might not be willing to stand for the treatment any longer.

Jenelle Evans’ comment via her Twitter account indicates that she has a pretty short fuse nowadays when it comes to the editing of Teen Mom 2. Those five seconds that she caught must have been pretty seriously offensive to her if she wouldn’t give the rest of the episode a chance. Perhaps the time has come for her to move on from reality television and live her life away from the cameras.

Of course, it can be somewhat difficult to feel overly bad for Jenelle Evans in this situation. She has made the choice to allow her life to be filmed, and MTV has been editing for the most sensational content possible since the earliest days of The Real World. If she wanted to avoid possible public misrepresentation, she really could have left Teen Mom 2 behind her at some point over the seven seasons so far. Her life might be considerably less stressful if all of her laundry – dirty or not – went unaired.

That said, Jenelle Evans doesn’t exactly go out of her way to keep her off-camera life particularly private. She’s documented everything from romantic conflicts to health complications via Twitter. Given that she currently has upward of 1.23 million followers on Twitter, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that there’s an appetite for MTV melodrama centering on her troubles.

Teen Mom 2 certainly isn’t the first show to be accused of editing material to alter reality for the sake of storylines. Adam Carolla reported that producers goaded him into making a catastrophe of a presentation on Celebrity Apprentice, and Biggest Loser contestants have reported trainers getting pretty ugly behind-the-scenes to get big results in front of the camera. Only time will tell if MTV’s latest offense to Jenelle Evans will be enough for her to leave Teen Mom 2. Hopefully for her sake as well as those of her children, her life will get somewhat easier on- and off-camera in the future.

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