I love being a turtle! While things may have been halted for Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles feature reboot, Nickelodeon is revving up to bring the Turtles back to the small screen with a new animated series. A new trailer for the show has made its way online and offers us a look at Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo, four ooze-enhanced teenage turtles with a talent in martial arts and regular cravings for pizza.

Based on the trailer, it looks like they're keeping the ooze-origin story intact for the animated reboot. That's what's implied with the comment about them being created by accident. But the look of the animated series has received an upgrade, and the four titular Turtles have been given new(ish) roles.

Splinter doesn't get much attention in the trailer, but we do see a rat rising up from the ooze, so it may be safe to assume the wise old rodent will be a part of the new series. And we also caught a glimpse of Shredder! Meanwhile, the trailer introduces us to the four turtles by declaring their "role" within the group, with Leonardo as "The Leader," Donatello as "The Brains," Raphael as "The Muscle" and Michelangelo as "The Wild One." That seems like a nod to the original dynamic as well as the original theme song ("Leonardo leads, Donatello does machines. Raphael is cool but crude. Michaelangelo is a party dude!").

While it has yet to receive an official premiere date, Nick viewers can expect to find the series airing sometime this fall. Jason Biggs is set to voice Leonardo, Sean Astin is Raphael, Greg Cipes is Michelangelo, and Rob Paulsen voices Donatello. This may be random, but I sort of love that Astin is lending his voice to this show, not only because I'm a fan, but because I can see a loose connection between this and the original movie, which had Astin's Goonies co-star Corey Feldman voicing the role of Donatello. Like I said, it's a loose connection, but it's a cool one. Cowabunga!

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