Rob Huebel is having a really bad year. First FX passed on U.S.S. Alabama, which would have been an epic adventure set in the future where the U.N. keeps galactic peace via spaceships. This could have been a blessing in disguise, because it freed the Children’s Hospital actor up to work on Shawn Levy’s Family Album. Unfortunately, now Family Album is out of the picture, too.

This is pretty shocking news. The pilot for Fox, which was going to be directed by Shawn Levy and star Mike O’Malley and Rachel Harris, was high on people’s pick lists for next season. Even after Fox decided the pilot needed to be reworked, there was an absolute assumption the family vacation comedy would be picked up at midseason.

According to a Deadline, it was the vacation premise at the heart of the program that ultimately caused its demise. Fox apparently thought the premise was too narrow. The network wanted Family Album to be more of a basic day-to-day family comedy, but there clearly wasn’t enough there to make the program stand out without trips and destinations. A source close to the show has said, "We loved the auspices but ultimately could not get a clear handle on the creative direction for a re-tooled pilot."

The best news is, Breaking In is back in contention. You may not have caught the sarcasm there, because I have one of those monotone writing voices, but I really was laying it on thick. With Huebel and co. out of the picture, whatever show pops up in the spring will probably have trouble filling in for Glee. Which is a bummer. I was hoping to have something to watch before NBC’s Parenthood on Tuesdays.

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