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If laughter is the best medicine, then we think Tracy Morgan did quite a bit to help himself recuperate after his tragic car accident in June 2014. The incident left one of Morgan's good friends dead, and caused the comedian numerous severe injuries which have only just recently begun to improve. After a long and somber recovery process, the SNL alum and comedic great has finally started to show signs of his old self again – and we couldn’t be happier. He has slowly begun to bring himself back into the spotlight, and a new deal between himself, Jordan Peele, and FX could once again make him a constant presence on our weekly TV viewing schedule.
Deadline reports that Tracy Morgan has teamed up with fellow comedian Jordan Peele to produce a brand new comedy pilot for FX. The project will center upon an ex-convict (Morgan) who has recently been released from prison after 15 years and how he struggles to reintegrate himself into society. As a man with limited social skills, who has only found himself further inhibited by his time in prison, the show will follow him as he tries to cope with a world full of technology, changing lifestyles, and ever evolving technological trends.
It’s the sort of role that sounds tailor-made for a comedian such as Tracy Morgan. Throughout his decades as a comedy powerhouse, Morgan has made a name for himself by portraying characters that never quite fit in to society's norms. This new projects sounds like it could take all of the best elements of his character from NBC’s 30 Rock, and bring them into the world of FX – which is known for having much more lenient censorship policies.
Of course, this isn’t the first we have heard from Tracy Morgan since his tragic accident. The comedian made an appearance at the Emmy’s this past September, to which he received a standing ovation, and he subsequently hosted Saturday Night Live. Check out his Emmy appearance below:

Note the way in which he reflects upon the somber nature of what happened to him, but still manages to make the audience erupt into laughter. It appears that he’s becoming more comfortable and physically able to be his old self again, and his foray into the upcoming FX pilot with Jordan Peele represents his commitment to reinvent himself as a comedic force to be reckoned with.

We will bring you more details on the upcoming project as they become available, but for now we only have one thing to say: welcome back, Mr. Morgan.