True Blood Watch: Season 4, Episode 6 - I Wish I Was The Moon

I have a bone to pick with HBO tonight. As much as I love True Blood, and as noteworthy as those final few minutes of tonight’s episode were, I’d love it if the network would forgo the pre-episode commercials on nights when the episode is going to run over the hour. My DVR is packed on Sunday nights and they’re dipping into my Breaking Bad time with those extra few minutes.

Complaints aside, tonight’s episode was kind of a big tease, with the moon looming over Bon Temps and not much happening, despite all of the hype. With that said, it does feel like we're getting somewhere with all of these little developments and the episode left off with some very interesting cliffhangers.

“The vampire I used to be is a stranger to me. I have nothing to say in his defense.”

Eric pulled a Godrick tonight by showing genuine remorse for his past, and threw himself at the mercy of Bill. This, after being fang-blocked by the local king just as he and Sookie were about to get it on. Pam attempted to appeal to Eric’s crueler nature, but reminding him of how excellently evil he once was only served to make him march even harder toward the true death. It was his last requests that seemed to win Bill over. As Bill was preparing to stab Eric with a fancy stake, having received the go-ahead from Nan on the matter, Eric requested that Pam be released, and to thank Sookie for showing him what it means to love. He went on to wish Bill and Sookie happiness together.

I’m grateful that Eric was given a pardon, not only because he’s Eric, but also because I do hope that if ever he meets the true death on this show, he does so wearing anything other than that ratty sleeveless purple hoodie.

The episode ended with Eric and Sookie reuniting in the woods and making love on the ground. Aside from the fact that there was a chance Jason (or anyone/thing else lurking in the woods) might come across them, the whole thing was pretty romantic and surprisingly, no blood or vampy power-humping was involved. All things considered, this feels like the start of something real between these two and not charged solely by attraction.

On a random aside, it was as amusing to see Eric besting Bill in a fight at the start of the episode as it was to see Eric bow down to Bill the moment he learned he was the king. Eric is older and thus, stronger, but the old Eric probably wouldn’t have knelt so easily.

Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Problem

Marnie’s still in the custody of the vampires and while she lays around her cell, she’s cutting herself in an effort to shed some blood and channel Antonia again. She succeeded in revisiting the witch’s memories and learning that she was raped by a vampire that may have also been a priest, while being held in custody. Antonia got back at some of the vampires during her own execution by charming them out of their coffins in the middle of the day and watching as they burned along with her.

The vampire who raped her happened to be one of the vampires on duty to watch her at Bill’s. After Antonia possessed Marnie, she summoned him down to her cell and then took control of him.

Also possessed tonight was Lafayette. He and Jesus went to visit Jesus’ grandfather, who encouraged them to get a sacrifice, which he later used to nearly kill Jesus. After the rattle-snake bit Jesus, his grandfather and his pregnant whoever (girlfriend? Daughter? Wife? Witch-partner?) left Lafayette to “protect” Jesus. A man named Tio Luca appeared and possessed Lafayette, then somehow magically saved Jesus. Lafayette had no idea what happened, but he seemed normal but shaken after the incident. How this ends up helping them against the vampires, the witches or anyone else that might pose a threat to them, we don’t know. Right now it just feels like a tangent, but I’m sure it’ll be relevant at some point.

Not Sam

After a fire that may or may not have been set by Arlene’s baby burned down some of Sam’s bungalows, he was tied up dealing with the situation and somehow thought it would be a good idea to leave Tommy in charge of Merlottes. Tommy, having killed his parents, now has the ability to shift into other people. He learned of this new trait tonight when he shifted into Sam and made a mess of the man’s life.

Not only did Tommy fire Sookie when she came to him (believing he was Sam) and asked for some time off to help Jason, but he also had sex with Luna, then threw her out. In all fairness, he was in the process of shifting back into himself and didn’t want her to witness it, but still, not cool Tommy. He ended up passed out (assuming he’s still alive) in a puddle of his own vomit. Sam has yet to realize that his brother was posing as him all night, and something tells me Tommy will regret the experience, especially considering it involved learning that Hoyt’s mother hates him now.


Jason thought he was going to shift into a werepanther at the full moon. As it turns out, not so much. It took most of the episode for him to figure that out. At first, he sat with Sookie encouraging her to shoot him in the head when he changed. She refused to do that, but she did keep him company, until he ran off into the woods.

Jessica’s now tuned in to Jason, because he drank her blood. Sensing his fear, she rushed off to meet him and she ended up being the one to keep him company and calm him down when he was on the verge of a panic attack. Their closeness makes me a bit uncomfortable, considering Hoyt is Jason’s best friend. Jessica’s already so impulsive and as much as I can see her and Jason together, I hate the idea of Jessica cheating on Hoyt with his best friend. I did think it was adorable that Jessica was so eager to rescue Jason. It was equally amusing to see Jason find his "happy and safe" place by staring at Jessica's chest.

Back to the were-thing, Alcide and Debbie informed Sookie that weres don’t create other weres by biting them. It’s strictly a hereditary thing, so Jason won’t be shifting any time soon. Speaking of not-shifting, with the exception of Tommy, no one was shown shifting tonight. Debbie and Alcide were around for the full moon, but when they appeared in the woods, they were both in human form and fully dressed.

As for the werewolf couple, things seem to be slipping for them and their plans for “rigorous honesty.” Debbie joined up with a new pack behind Alcide’s back. She begged him to join with her. Whether he did or not, we don’t know, but he was out with her maybe-shifting with the new pack tonight.

Tara Drama

Tara’s girlfriend arrived in Bon Temps to get the truth from Tara. After Tara confessed everything, the two got rough and then got it on with each other. Tara’s girlfriend doesn’t yet realize the full extent of the kind of drama Tara has following her, but she may have gotten a taste of it tonight. At the end of the episode, a newly released and hideously decaying Pam came upon them and sprang to attack the women. We’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens next.

Random questions of the night…

What was going on off-camera in Nan’s office?

Who was the lady baby Michael saw during the fire? Is she bad or did she help him by getting him out of the house?

Can anyone picture Andy and Holly as a couple?

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