True Blood Watch: Season 4, Episode 7 - Cold Grey Light Of Dawn

Once again, True Blood ran over the hour tonight. It was just a tiny bit, and I’m not complaining as far as content goes, but with Sunday night’s packed TV schedule, HBO is confusing my DVR. With that said, what an episode! The blood certainly hit the fan tonight as things got real for the budding war between witches and vampires.

The episode began with Pam fighting with Tara and her girlfriend. By normal standards, a vampire up against two trained fighters would be no contest. Pam should’ve been able to best them both, but in her rotting state, she really can’t afford to be losing any more skin. Following tourist-paparazzi intervention, Pam left Tara with a threat for future violence and left to seek help. Meanwhile, Tara left her girlfriend to drive off on her own. Something tells me the girl will be back and I’m predicting bad things for her if and when she does.

“Vampires are not immortal. They are only harder to kill.”

There is no Marnie. There is only Antonia. (Ghostbusters reference, anyone?) Antonia introduced herself to the other witches in town, including Tara, with whom she shares a similar history of being sexually assaulted by a vampire. Having recently been attacked by Pam, added to what she went through with Franklin, Tara’s anger toward vampires is understandable. But do all vampires deserve to be punished for the actions of a few? Apparently so, judging by Tara’s participation in the spell that lured all of the local vampires out of their coffins and cubbies at dawn.

Our favorite vampires were prepared for the spell and took steps to avoid being manipulated by Antonia. Pam, who’s on the mend (temporarily) thanks to the woman with magic-healing powers (seen also in Season 2 when Sookie got attacked by Maryann), locked herself under a chained sheet of silver, inside a coffin. Eric was locked down in his cubby under silver chains with Sookie there to watch him.

There was something really sweet about the sight of Bill tucking Jessica in under her silver chains. As her maker, he’s sort of like her father and his affection for her is evident. Unfortunately, he might have felt too much compassion for her when she screamed over being burned by the chains, because he didn’t put enough of them on her. While Bill was held down by his own heavier chains, Jessica got free during the witches’ chant and was headed straight for the sunlight when the episode ended. Jason, having just learned of what was happening, took off to help Jessica and was on the way to hopefully save her, after which, I expect the sexual/romantic tension to intensify ten-fold as that seems to be the way of things when it comes to Stackhouses and vampires. I’m told this is where the episode ended. My DVR left me hanging, having abandoned the episode to record other scheduled programming.

Speaking of Stackhouses and vampires...

While the bulk of the vampire activity during tonight’s episode focused on the impending vampire morning bonfire, things started with Sookie and Eric going at it from the woods all the way back to Sookie’s house. After they exhausted themselves, they cuddled and Eric pondered whether or not Sookie would still want him when he got his memories back and was back to his old self. Sookie was smart not to blindly pledge her undying love for Eric just yet. She remembered the days when she couldn’t stand him and though she’s seeing the kinder, snugglier side of Eric now, there’s a good chance she won’t be able to see beyond the ego and evil if/when he returns to his old self. It’ll be interesting to see how things change when that happens, as it inevitably will.


Lafayette and Jesus may have chosen the right time to get out of town as it seems to have separated them from the other witches for the time being. Jesus’ grandfather told Lafayette that he’s a medium. No surprise there, considering what happened to him during last week’s episode. His ability to communicate with the dead was demonstrated tonight when he returned to Merlottes and saw the woman who’s “haunting” Arlene’s baby. She seems harmless enough. Loving, in fact, as she was shown singing and smiling sweetly as she approached the baby, who was strapped to Arlene’s back while his mother waited on tables. Once again, I’m forced to wonder if this ghost-woman is actually trying to protect Arlene’s baby.

I’m also forced to wonder whether or not there are any other eating establishments in Bon Temps, or if Holly and Andy decided to have their date at Merlottes because of its extremely close proximity to Holly’s job.

Bye Tommy… Again

Once again, Sam’s fed up with Tommy and telling him to get lost. Once again, I really don’t think this is the last we’ll see of him. Sam had good reason to send his brother packing. After a conversation with Luna, who was still upset over how Tommy-Sam treated her the night before, Sam figured out that Tommy shifted into him and slept with Luna. I have no doubt that Tommy will be back.


Debbie and Alcide were initiated into a new pack. Alcide doesn’t seem to be as into it as Debbie is. In fact, I’m thinking he wouldn’t have joined if not for trying to make things work with Debbie. The two had issues in bed tonight later on and Debbie admitted to feeling insecure about the Sookie situation. It’s fair for her to be concerned, having seen the look on Alcide’s face when they came across Sookie and Eric having sex on the ground (I knew the woods were too busy for no one to happen across those two!). Alcide assured Debbie that he has no feelings for Sookie, but that he does worry about her. Whether that’s the truth, and whether or not Debbie’s concern over the situation is truly alleviated remains to be seen.

We’ll end tonight’s write-up with a quote by Jessical, “When we survive the day, I’m going to eat that fucking witch… starting with her face.”

Hopefully she survives because I’d sure love to see if she lives up to those words!

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