On tonight's episode of Rules of Engagement, an attempt to travel upstate and enjoy Vermont's beautiful fall foliage doesn't turn out as planned-- because hey, on a sitcom, does it ever? Liz has planned a nature excursion that the entire group gets tricked into joining, and while on their trip Jeff and Jennifer run into trouble using the hotel computer, and Timmy gets caught up in a huge misunderstanding with Liz. And as you'll see in the two exclusive clips below, Audrey (Megyn Price) and Adam's (Oliver Price) trip into the woods has them getting unexpectedly close-- but not exactly the way you would expect. Check out the two clips, chock full of awkwardness, below.

Odds are we can all relate to encountering poison ivy or some other disaster on a hiking trip-- there's a reason some of us live in cities, after all. If you want to see more of where this came from-- I might tune in just for the pleasingly fake TV foliage-- catch Rules of Engagement on CBS tonight at 8:30.

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