Two And A Half Men Renewed For Season 11, Angus T. Jones May Not Be A Series Regular

Two and a Half Men will be back for another season, but it be short one man… or half-man? Last month, CBS made a number of renewals, but Two and a Half Men wasn't on the list. At that time, CBS noted that they were still in discussions with Warner Bros. Television to renew the comedy for its eleventh season. Today comes word that the show is officially a go for Season 11, but Angus T. Jones may only be back in a recurring capacity.

After his rant about the comedy, which came along with a religious testimony on video late last year, we were left to wonder if maybe we were seeing the beginning of the end for Jones' run on the long-running CBS sitcom. Jones plays Jake, the son of Jon Cryer's character Alan in the series. But he did apologize soon after the video went viral, and as EW points out, Jones and the network patched things up over the situation in January and it seemed CBS was willing to chalk Jones' comments up to his youth. So the rant may not have anything to do with Jones' reported diminished role in the coming season.

EW says Ashton Kutcher - who filled the gap left by Charlie Sheen in the series - is set up with a reported $700k per episode paycheck, as is Cryer. As for Jones, it sounds like his situation is still up in the air, but Warner Bros. is reportedly talking to him about "a possible recurring role" instead of coming back as a regular. That would probably mean a shift in the dynamic of the series, which once focused on two brothers living together and raising/influencing the son/nephew living with them. Of course, Jones isn't exactly a kid anymore, so that dynamic has likely shifted somewhat anyway. We could also speculate that the choice to keep the series on the air came with a pitch for some alterations to the plot, which might have included a bit less Jake. But that's just speculation. On the bright side, for fans of the series, Men will return next season. We'll have to wait and see what updates come in on Jones' status.

Kelly West
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