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Talk about fans in high places. HBO's The Wire, created by Ed Burns and David Simon, has received no end of praise over the years, often being held up as an example of the heights serialized TV storytelling can reach. And like any show that has wrapped up its run, there have been plenty of calls for its return. None of those requests, however, have come from the Attorney General of the United States of America. Until now, that is.

Several of the show's cast members were speaking at the Justice Department on Tuesday, where the topic at hand was the exposure of children to drug use and selling. The actors showed clips from The Wire, and the show was praised for its accurate and compelling depiction of the plight of kids stuck in the middle of drug culture. However, the governmental representatives weren't only interested in the educational value of the show. Attorney General Eric Holder made things personal when he said, "Having looked at those clips again, I'm reminded how great that series was. I want to speak directly to Mr. Burns and Mr. Simon, do another season of The Wire...I want another season, or a movie." He then joked, "I have a lot of power."

You heard the man, HBO. Either bring back The Wire or make sure your tax forms are in order.