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Normally, I'd have to tell you to take this rumor with a fistful of salt, but the fact of the matter is everything, as I'm about to present it, is completely true. The English version of Big Brother is coming back. In celebration, the U.K.'s Channel 5 is putting together a special shortened four week celebrity season to run as a precursor to the more standard and anonymous fare we're used to. At the top of the network's wish list is Charlie Sheen. New network owner Richard Desmond is reportedly prepared to make a pretty substantial offer, though at this point, that's as far as this has progressed. The offer has not gone out, Sheen has not been approached, and this should all be taken as a ludicrous pipe dream, at least at this point. There's definitely a price that could coax Charlie Sheen overseas, but it seems unlikely paying it would be in anyone's best interest.

According to The Guardian, Big Brother is also interested in soccer owner Mohamed Al-Fayed and Prince Harry's sometimes girlfriend Chelsea Davy. I wouldn't hold my breath on any of the three, but what I would focus on is the once tired program shooting for the stars. If you put offers out to dream cast members and work your way down, you're much more likely to end up with a better cast than if you assume the worst and invite from the bottom of the barrel.

Celebrity Big Brother is set to air in August. It'll immediately be followed by another thirteen week non-famous installment.