There’s good news and bad news for USA’s upcoming series Common Law. The bad news is, while it was supposed to be getting a late January premiere, USA has decided to push it off to the summer. The good news is, the reason it’s being delayed is because it’s receiving “strong praise,” and the network thinks it can draw a better audience later in the year.

Just the other day we posted the trailer for the USA series, which follows two Los Angeles detectives who enter into couples therapy to sort out their differences. But Variety is now reporting (and we’ve confirmed this as well), that USA has moved the series premiere to a yet-to-be-determined date, which will be some point during the summer (2012), “where the cabler believes it can draw a larger audience.” Variety states that the decision was made due to positive feedback from focus groups and others who have screened it.

As one of the “others” who screened the pilot, it isn’t difficult to understand USA’s decision to rearrange the schedule. Does Common Law have what it takes to join the ranks of some of USA’s other summer shows (Suits, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs)? Without a doubt. And airing in the summer will mean a bit less competition with the major networks and hopefully some more attention to this series as it gets going. So, as disappointing as it is to hear that we now have to wait months for this series to premiere, it sounds like it could be for the best.

Common Law is currently shooting its 12-episode season in New Orleans.

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