Another cast member has been added to the already stellar group on USA’s Political Animals. The six-episode series set to air beginning July 15th has a vice president, and it will be Dylan Baker of The Good Wife. He’ll play veep to Adrian Pasdar’s President Paul Garcetti on what is becoming a much-anticipated show.

Political Animals is the story of Secretary of State Elaine Barrish, played by Sigourney Weaver, who is recently divorced from the former President and coming off a crushing defeat in her bid to secure a Presidential nomination for herself. She instead throws herself into her work as Secretary of State. Meanwhile, she’s dealing with the lives of her two sons (played by Jimmy Wolk and Sebastian Stan), one of whom is her Chief of Staff ready for a political career of his own, the other an aimless drifter with a history of addictions. She’ll also face off against Carla Gugino, who is set to play a journalist dogging Barrish’s footsteps. And then there’s Barrish’s ex-Vegas-showgirl mother, played by Ellen Burstyn, who will no doubt add comic relief.

To this cast we add Dylan Baker, according to Deadline as the vice president with a sweet exterior but plenty of secrets; he’s said to be another one Barrish will have to face off against. Although I’m not usually one for political series’, this one has my attention mainly for the excellent casting we’ve seen so far. If the writing on the series is up to par, this drama has some serious potential.

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