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Under The Dome Behind The Scenes Video: Stephen King Thinks It'll Be Riveting TV

"I love stories about ordinary people in extraordinary situations," Stephen King says. His readers will likely agree with that, and add that they love stories written by extraordinary writers, which may have led them to read Under the Dome, King's 2009 novel about a small New England Town that becomes encapsulated by a mysterious dome. As you might imagine, if you're familiar with King's work, bad things happen from there. Later this month, CBS (opens in new tab) will debut the small screen adaptation of the book. The above featurette gives us some new glimpses of the series, including some of the chaos that ensues when the dome drops down. And we also get some behind-the-scenes looks at the production, including the table read, which featured an appearance by King himself.

"We'd like Under the Dome to be a family fright," King says with a smile in this new featurette, just before we're shown the sight of a small plan crashing into the dome. Later, he teases the scene where the truck hits the dome. It's mayhem for the whole family, and if King's hopes come to fruition, it'll be riveting TV.

Though this series is based on a novel, executive producers Brian K. Vaughan and Neal Baer recently told us not to expect an exact adaptation of King's book. (opens in new tab) "Because if it was exactly like the book, then you wouldn't be surprised every week," Baer told the press on a conference call. "We're chock full of mystery every week, where we unveil new mysteries and solve old ones. So if you knew everything that was coming, that might not be as fulfilling as knowing some of it."

While Vaughan drew a comparison to The Walking Dead in the way the series deviates from the original story, "I love The Walking Dead comic book and I'm so grateful that the TV show isn't just an exact adaptation that it feels like - you get something new each week. So I hope fans of Stephen King will love it and enjoy the changes as much as Stephen King has. He's been really supportive of us."

Based on what we see in this new featurette, King does seem to be very enthusiastic about this adaptation. And hopefully the series turns out to be as thrilling as the promos have made it look.

Under the Dome stars Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Colin Ford, Natalie Martinez, Dean Norris, Ned Bellamy and Britt Robertson. The series premieres Monday, June 24 on CBS.

Kelly West
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