Vampire Diaries Finds Its Heroine In Nina Dobrev

The CW’s Vampire Diaries finally has its heroine in Degrassi alumna Nina Dobrev. Check another one off the “Take Castmembers from Degrassi” list that just has to be lying around the CW offices. The Bulgarian born actress currently lives in Canada and will take on the role of Elena who is caught between two vampire brothers that fall passionately in love with her.

The vampires’ battle over Elena will wreak havoc on the entire town, which sounds like someone is trying to make this more appealing than it actually will be. Based on a series of novels written by Lisa Jane Smith in the early 90s the story has a passing resemblance to Twilight. Clearly Elena is way hotter than Bella, she has two immortal vampires fighting over her. All Bella can get is Edward, who clenches his fists a lot in biology class. Vampire Diaries is written and executive produced by Kevin Williamson (Scream).

Nina joins the already cast Steven R McQueen on the show.

Steve West

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.