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The 2009 MTV movie awards aired tonight and Andy Samberg was on hand to host the event and deliver a number of humorous moments, including a hilarious opening sequence spoofing some of the past years movies.

Here’s the opening segment, which includes parodies of Slumdog Millionaire, The Reader, Twilight and Star Trek:

Andy followed that up with a rap song:

Maybe you never noticed how common it is for an action star to walk away from an explosion without looking back but Andy and Will Ferrell definitely didn’t. In this video, which includes J.J. Abrams playing the keyboard, they salute actions stars who keep walking:

Sasha Baron Cohen pissed off Eminem when he descended from the ceiling dressed as an angel and landed on the rapper upside down, shoving his bare behind in Eminem’s face. Eminem was not pleased and after his security people shoved Cohen back and forth, he promptly stormed out of the auditorium, leaving Cohen hanging… literally. Staged? You be the judge:

Technical Award Winner Carl Berman wins an award and proceeds to hump it repeatedly:

Leanne Rimes took the stage with Chris Isaak and Forrest Whitaker to do a tribute to Andy Samberg’s SNL digital shorts. There's something really funny about seeing Rimes' serious take on "Jizz In My Pants":

Andy’s spoof on Twilight, which pays a hilarious nod to Teen Wolf:

The actual New Moon clip presentation:

Other notable moments include Ben Stiller receiving the Generation Award, which was presented to him in Oscar-fashion as Kiefer Sutherland, Triumph the Insult Dog and Zac Efron took the stage and shared flattering and some not-so-flattering comments on Stiller’s work.

And the award for most amusing acceptance speech goes to Kristen Stewart, who after receiving her popcorn for Best Female Performance, promptly dropped the award on the floor. How Bella Swan of her.