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Last night Jennifer Lopez hosted Saturday Night Live. We have some video clips from the episode, including the “We Are The World 3” video, which is meant to promote awareness of the disaster that was “We Are The World 2.”

I also loved the “Undercover Celebrity Boss” sketch, which gives us a glimpse of what the celebrity version of CBS’ Undercover Boss might look like.

Jennifer Lopez Monologue
Jennifer Lopez downplays her entourage.

Closet Organizer
There's a place for everything.

Hollywood Dish: Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is the latest dish on the gossip menu.

Eternal Spark of Love: Office Romance
Will love bloom in the office?

Update: Bobby on Youtube
Bobby shares the latest youtube clip.

ESPN Classic: Women's Curling
Women on the ice work the brooms.

Update: Gov. Paterson
The Governor weighs his options on the future.

Update Favorites: 2/27/10
A collection of favorites from Weekend Update with Seth Meyers.

New Car Horns
Custom car horns for all your car horn needs.

Besos Y Lagrimos
Drama Latin-style wears an eye patch.

We Are The World Cold Open
The world joins hands again in a song of support.

Telemundo Winter Olympics
A chilly take on the Winter Games.

Undercover Celebrity Boss
Steve Jobs and Richard Branson are going undercover.

Digital Short: Flags of the World
The are more flags than you might you think.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. on NBC.

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